2015 Running Resolutions

Do you have a running related resolution for 2015?

Thinking of checking out Couch to 5k in 2015? Ready to tackle your first marathon next year? Hoping to run a half marathon every month in the year 2015? I want to hear it! No, not read it in the comments – I want to HEAR it so I can add it to the January recording of myRun Pennsyltucky podcast.2015_res

Just click on the Speak Pipe link that is in the left sidebar of my Run Pennsyltucky blog. You might have to log in but they don’t send a bunch of emails, if they did I wouldn’t be using it. You are given 90 seconds to share what you have to say and even have a chance to preview the recording and re-record it if you aren’t happy with it before you send it.

You don’t have to share your name but certainly may if you want hold yourself accountable. You don’t even have to be a runner, share a fitness resolution instead. Bonus points if your resolution includes something in Central PA!!

I am trying to come up with mine and promise to share it on my January 2015 recording of Run Pennsyltucky. My hope is to take all of our resolutions and just run one after the other; a big pile of thoughts, hopes, ideas and dreams for running around in 2015.

What’s Old is New Again

Week 9/52 Recap

3 Hills – 3EZ indoor track – 4.8LSR

4th Runniversary

4th Runniversary

Excerpt from a private journal I had in 2010:

I found a guideline that might suit my needs, Couch to 5K. It is in line with a goal that I have never dared set for myself but always though it might feel very satisfying to achieve, to run in a 5k race maybe even in Puxsutawney. I will at least be moving toward running 5k and I hope I can keep in mind that even if I fail I am still getting some exercise.

Building back my running base is almost like rediscovering running and this is a great time to reflect on when I started this journey! It was 4 years ago as a New Year’s resolution that I took my first steps on that Couch to 5k program. I was pretty brave to have started it and am pleased to keep battling back from injuries and set backs to have made it 4 years as a runner.

Now, after multiple half marathons, a full marathon, a significant relay race and many shorter races, this year feels a lot like starting over. I don’t think I will be able to even think about PRs but it will be great to actually even walk without pain.

More miles that degrees club is close for me this year!

More miles that degrees club is close for me this year!

My PT has been going ok. This week slammed me hard with a really bad upper respiratory infection. I was probably really stupid for doing so but I ran out in the cold anyway. I am tired of things setting me back and just had to get a 3 miler in on the last day of the year. Struble Hill called and although it was the slowest I have ever run the course, I felt so glad to have accomplished it.

I was coughing hard all the way, shooting snot rockets left and right and tippy-toeing along with less than ideal footing. The ground was super cold and the air at 27° was allowing a light snowfall to start to accumulate. Where cars had compressed it was a bit slick. Jim and I gave a new to us product a test run. They are Rough Hewn’s ice traction slip-ons.RuffHewn

This saved us from having to decide which pair of shoes we would have to put sheet metal screws into as I described making in Snow Studs a few years ago. We just pulled them on over a pair of chosen sneakers and off we went.

We weren’t sure if it was because there were less screws across the bottom or the way that they attached that made us feel our footing was a bit uneven. They did lend good traction up and down hill. At the end, mine had shifted significantly and Jim’s had a bit too. We agreed they are certainly better than nothing and would grade them about a “C”.

So my training is progressing but very slowly. Jim tackled Struble then added on a couple more miles and had no shin pain, he is doing great! I will have built back just enough mileage to be able to participate in the 4th annual Capital 10-Miler and can’t wait for registration to open. I assume we will run it together this year!

Joggler in Training

Joggler in Training

3rd Run-iversary

snowrun2013Winter can be such in introspective time for me. I was born in the winter and raised in central Pennsylvania where the winters have a stronghold for at least a couple of months.

It is no wonder that it was in winter, 3 years ago yesterday, I decided to do something for myself and try a new fitness regime. It happened to be a Couch to 5k program that I thought sounded like an easy thing to do. I discovered that it was no easy task to keep jogging for a minute straight and my cocky, “I used to run,” self learned to respect the walk/run program.

No music, no running shoes, a watch I bought at Walmart for $7 and set of warm-up pants for $10 saw me through probably the first couple of months. Although I still use that watch and warm-ups, my parents bought me a good pair of running shoes for my birthday. Jim decided to try out the same training program about a month behind me and we were both pleased with how it was set up. Check out Long & Winding Road to read how those first months went leading up to my very first race. Jim’s first race recap can be read at Jimmy the Eye is on the Run.

Not every winter has blessed us with beautiful snow as is evident on My Runniversary. I also didn’t meet my goal of 1,000 miles as I hoped that year because I was suffering from plantar fasciitis. Indeed, 2011 was a difficult year as I had to defer my registration for the Wineglass Marathon as I healed and built back from that injury.

2012 started off in a hopeful way as I continued to recover from plantar fasciitis and actually gained speed after having some time off. A failed annual run-iversary tradition, I was dressed improperly last year and was too cold to run to the horses and back. Early last year I waited to find that I was not chosen through the lottery for the 2012 NYC Marathon (thank goodness as it turns out) and started training for the Wineglass Marathon whose registration had deferred. That was a big victory and first for me, I completed the Wineglass Marathon in 4:34:54. I also ended the year with about 1, 040 miles logged.

Here I am, 3 years after starting that difficult C25K in the snow and still running. I dressed warmly enough yesterday and made the traditional run out to the horses and back (about a 5 miler). I don’t have many firm goals for the year and that makes me a little crazy. I will probably enter the NYC Marathon lottery since I am the last year to be phased out the the 3 times refused and automatic entry in the fourth year. If I am refused this year, I might consider signing up for the inaugural Mt. Nittany Marathon since it is local and I am really familiar with most of the course. Other than that, I am hoping to run the Capital 10-miler again since I am streaking that race. Honestly, I am just glad that running stuck and I am feeling pretty good at 50 years old.

My Runniversary

Today is my runniversary. Last year on this date I started the Couch to 5k program. I ran 2.1 miles that day at a 14 MM pace. I graduated the program in about 9 weeks and have gone on to run 860 miles to this day.This is me at “the horses” (about 2.1 miles in) on my last run of 2010. The total run was a 5 miler at a 10 MM pace. It was the last run of the season with jingle bells on my shoes.

Today I went 3 times as far as last year on this date. This year I hope to log at least 1,000 miles total.