Taper Time

Week 50/52 recap

5 easy – 5 hills (3:57/3:43/3:32/3:27) – 13.17 easy 2:22:00

I am starting to type this recap midweek because I am already feeling a little crazy. I have been so excited about the upcoming race and events leading up to it that I have lost hours of sleep. Taper madness? Not yet but I am getting there.

I was forced to do my cycling at the indoor gym today because of thunderstorm threat. I got that done early, came home, cut my hair and showered. Yeah, I cut my own hair. I should have scheduled to work today but I wasn’t sure how I would be feeling after the 20 miler last Sunday.

I keep joking that I will run the race holding mine.

I keep joking that I will run the race holding mine.

Is it just me or did they add a ponytail to a woman who, in reality, has short hair?

Is it just me or did they add a ponytail to a woman who, in reality, has short hair?

Something that got me, foolishly, all excited was an email telling me that the photos I had submitted landed me a free mini marathoner statuette. They were only available to NYC Marathon runners who are United States residents and could submit a series of high res photos in specific poses. I knew my photos had passed the vetting but the email telling me that I could pick the mini marathoner up at the expo sent me over the edge. All of my relief of having finished my last 20 mile training run, all of the excitement of the race yet to come was concentrated on the fact that I was getting a statuette. I attribute this to the onset of taper madness.

I have been scatter brained, mixing up weeks, forgetting when I was supposed to get together with friends, and forgetting to answer emails. I need to start writing things down because I keep remembering things I need to do before I leave but then almost immediately forget them.

bib:waveHere are a few things that have come my way this week in case you are interested. I got my wave/corral/bib assignment for the race. My start time is at 10:30 AM. It will feel like 11:30 because the clocks will have changed the night before. If it takes me 5 hours to finish, it will probably feel like I have running all day because in my mind it will be going on 5PM.

I will be starting wave three in the green running village. That means I will be starting on the lower level of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge hopefully not getting peed on by the blue and orange starting waves that run on the upper level. My bib number, for tracking, is 51475, I really like that number. The day of the race, you can track me at this live tracking page or a mobile app that is still “coming soon”, info here. The handbook has a lot of information too, with maps and stuff like that.

There is probably more I wanted to share and hopefully I will remember it later.


7 thoughts on “Taper Time

  1. I’m so flipping excited for you! I know you have worked your tail off for your race. No doubt in Myron’s you will rock it. You know my big ass family will be cheering you on from MD. Can’t wait to hear more. Stay cool, you got this. This post made me smile.

  2. I did my last long run… 20.25 yesterday. I’d torn my calf earlier in summer and that changed the whole timing cycle. And I always suspected that a three week taper was just too long for me. So now it’s rest and relaxation for the most part until Nov 2. I also can’t believe the starting time because of the time change. It will feel weird not waking up at 4AM… or at least not having to wake up at 4AM. I guess I need to look for all that information you mentioned… I did not see it but it might have been lost in all the other emails that are basically advertisements.

    Good luck. Run well.

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