I’ll Bia Right Back!

Week 48/52 recap

5.8 EZ – .4 test run with Bia – 4.9 hills 3:55/3:24/3:25/3:21 – CR (.3 mile 9% grade) – 10.6 EZ 1:54:492014-10-01 14.01.43-1

For anyone concerned about my delay in blogging, I recovered from my fall really well. My days are just filled with training and planning and regular household duties.I vacillate between being excited that the NYC Marathon is just a month away and being totally over it.

The very best part of training week #48/52 was my Bia Sport watch! I contacted the company and they replaced it within 3 days of my having cracked the screen! Seriously, 3 DAYS! I broke my watch on Sunday, emailed them and by Wednesday I was taking my new watch for a test run down the block. Check out the photo to the right. See the color of the metal loop that holds the watch band on? They offered me turquoise as a replacement if I wanted! YEAH! My new watch will now go with my whole NYC Marathon kit and I didn’t have to miss a day of training because even the cracked screen watch still worked (it hadn’t rained on it yet though).

2014-10-05 09.15.17Jim and I were both able to run together on Sunday. We both had 10 miles scheduled and just stayed local. The weather was a bit crisp early on so we were able to wait until later in the morning to start. The leaves were lovely and we passed the miles together joking and having crazy in depth discussions about Star Trek characters. After a mile of discussing Gul Damar, a Cardassian character on Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Jim looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, “How many other runners do you think discuss Star Trek on their long runs?” I had to laugh and answered, “I don’t know but that is why I love running with you.”

Pausing to catch our breath on the uphill was like a commercial break to our Star Trek conversation. As the path moderated, we were right back on the topic of how easy it seemed just take a shuttle craft from the Enterprise on Star Trek The Next Generation. Laughing and running with my love, nothing beats it.


3 thoughts on “I’ll Bia Right Back!

  1. Good to know you recovered from the fall. As for the watch, that’s what you cal efficiency, I wish Polar did the same, they are horrible. I had to wait over 3 week to my watch back.
    Have a nice week!

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