Broken & Bloodied

Week 47/52 recap

8 Yassos (4:37/4:25/4:21/4:17/4:20/4:20/4:24/4:23 )– 5.3 EZ – 18.2 EZ 3:25:39
Scratched and dirty, I stand before you with a smashed watch face. I took a tumble just as I hit 18 miles yesterday and, yes, off-leash dogs were involved.

The run went really well. I am slow but felt great. The idiots who had their dogs off leash were slowly responding to my shouts of, “Can you control your dogs?” I made it past them when the dogs started to run toward Jim. I had passed the 18 mile spot and checked my watch to see if I had recorded 18 miles yet as I heard Jim yelling arguments that their dogs were not in control if they ran up to people and BAM, I tripped an went flat down and cracked my watch face.

Today, I am a little sore from the run, a little sore from the fall and a little sad about my watch. NYC Marathon training week 47 of 52 is on the books, I will persevere.BiaBroke


2 thoughts on “Broken & Bloodied

  1. Yikes!
    I often workout with my dog, but I always keep him on the leash. People is irresponsible in general, you don’t keep dog on the leash because they are dangerous, you keep them to avoid accidents and have control over them at all times.
    Glad it wasn’t a serious fall, something that would cause any serious injuries.
    Sorry for your watch.
    Hope you have a nice week!

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