Running Down a Dream

Week 46/52 recap

5.5 EZ – 5.26 EZ – 12.15 EZ 2:07:07

In the amount of time they say it takes to form a new habit, for as long as it takes a baby’s head to take shape in a pregnancy, the minimum amount of time it takes to heal a broken bone or for a subscription to be processed, in that amount of time I will be running the NYC Marathon. Because the race still seems a ways off and I still have some serious training ahead of me it is hard to start getting excited about it.

All is going well. I have a rotation of 3 relatively new pairs of shoes that I have projected their wear and think I know which pair I will run the marathon in. I have my outfit pretty much set, all has trained well. My fueling is set, Generation UCAN has been working really well for me. I know where I will be staying, what bus I will take to the city and what ferry I will take to Staten Island.

All I mostly have left is putting in the work; seeing my training through without incident. Although I set the wheels in motion last November to have this be a 52 week journey, I had been working toward it for the 3 years prior. Each year I was rejected from the lottery I had been prepared to train for the NYC Marathon. I had wanted it to be my first marathon, my only marathon but I went ahead and ran the Wineglass Marathon in 2012. This is my year to see all of my dreams to fruition, I will be running the NYC Marathon in 6 weeks.

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