Building Up

Week 45/52 recap

6 Yassos 4:19/4:18/4:19/4:20/4:22/4:18 – 16 paced 2:53:34

After a step down week comes a week where I have to build my mileage back up. Today was 16 paced miles and I can’t say it went all that well. Just a half a mile from starting, I was chased by a dog and it got my adrenaline going. It made it hard to relax into the first warm up miles. At mile 8, I crossed paths with a distance runner coming from the other direction. Just before he got to me I saw a rooster run out and start chasing him down the trail then ran back into the bushes! Jim was standing right near the bushes to hand me hydration so he was able to tell me that the rooster must regularly chase bikes and runners from the stories people had told him. It didn’t bother him as he stood there and thankfully ignored me too.

I thought I tackled miles 9 – 13 much better than I did in July but that left my legs like jelly for the last 3 miles. I had a strong mental battle to keep myself from stopping to walk ( and won!) and it was brutal. When I made it to the 16 mile marker, I started to walk and my leg muscles immediately started to tighten up! I walked while hanging on Jim’s arm and moaning so loudly that people in the parking lot checked to make sure we had cell phones if we needed to call for medical assistance. I was a real piece of work!

I walked as long as I could so I wouldn’t get dizzy but eventually had to sit down and all of my muscles from the waist down took turns painfully cramping up. It was a chilly day so Jim got my warm-up pants and my calf turned rock hard in a painful cramp as I tried to point my toe to get my foot through the pant leg. I drank more electrolyte infused beverage and eventually I felt much better and could stretch out.

I am hoping that my training will allow my to increase my lactic threshold. That kind of lactic acid build up has never happened to me before and I would not like to experience it again!

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Jim had a great 12 mile run yesterday in the pouring rain. He saw a raven and a lot of other runners out.


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