Step Down Week

Week 44/52 recap

5 EZ – 5 EZ – 8 EZ

NevermoreShirt_OL_smI am setting this to publish as Jim and I are out taking an easy 8 mile run before meeting some friends for a picnic. This past week has gone really well. I am recovered from my 20 mile run last Saturday and had some nice easy runs this week. I got in all of my cross training (15 mile bike ride and 2 days of a LOT of core work/yoga/PT).

That might sound like a lot but it actually freed up some extra time for me. I also didn’t schedule any extra work at PSU because I wasn’t sure how I would feel after the long run. I had enough energy to start to look forward to October 2015 to tentatively start planning a letterboxing camp out in Poe Valley. Maybe the one morning during that camp out I will also hold a loosely organized Poe’s Nevermore Half Marathon®.

RunPennsyltuckySign-1You can tell I had more energy and down time if I am planning huge things like that. I also published a second recording of the Run Pennsyltucky podcast. It focuses on the second annual Mt. Nittany Marathon. Jim and I spent a big part of the morning cheering the runners in the rain. I then took some interviews with the winners and other finishers this year. I edited those recording with my own impressions of the course and how the race has improved since last year. The sound quality is uneven but it has been great fun learning Garage Band and hopefully each time I make a podcast it will get better.

Never fear, aside from my physical training, I spent loads of my extra time still preparing for the NYC Marathon. I found a really well written blog post on Running and the City that focuses on tips for running the NYC Marathon. I will heed her pacing tips and really liked the ferry tip she suggested, “”… you can hop on ANY of them, but don’t go too early or you’ll wait out in the cold unnecessarily. Get on the ferry that leaves 2.5 hours from your wave start (10 am wave, 7:30 am ferry). As soon as you land in Staten Island, go to the bathrooms in the terminal, and stay in the terminal if it’s too early.” Great tip as I was uncertain which ferry to book without knowing my start time and may have booked one that was too early. This lessens that worry of mine.Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 8.56.37 AMScreen Shot 2014-09-06 at 8.56.06 AM

Last week’s long run of 20 had me dipping way into my playlist since I am currently slower than I was in 2012. I was hearing songs that I didn’t want to be hearing until I was well after 20 miles so I needed to add some. My playlist, as Jacob Marley might call it, “is a ponderous thing.” Unlike Marley or Scrooge’s chains of penance, this grand list of songs will link together my miles and lift me gloriously. Stare upon the 5+ hours of songs and know I will be bless them, every one of them.

As per his request, I made Jim a series of maps on how to get around Manhattan during the marathon and where I will be expecting to see him. I highlighted exactly the corners on which I will be looking for him and showed him where to catch the subway to get around without needing to cut across the marathon course. I know he won’t be alone walking from 1st to 5th Avenue along 110th St. Those sections fall just where runners need family support. It is easy for spectators to cheer for their runner just before they get to mile 19 then scoot over to where they can see them again just after mile 22. A simple half mile for spectators to walk as runners start getting to their harder miles in the Bronx and down through Harlem.

To make it easier for me to pick him out, I am coming up with something that will make him stand out from the crowd. Balloons might be problematic if it is windy so I will wait until close to race day to make that call. I think I have time to go shopping for a really big silly hat for him to wear. I like step down weeks, I have so much time and energy. to do things like this.

One thought on “Step Down Week

  1. Thanks for posting the link to Running and the City! Great tips. I’ve sent it to y running partner and I’m already thinking about a packing list. Good luck on the final weeks of trainng.

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