13 Miles Right on Track

The training schedule that Terri helped set up for me feels right on track. Having today’s run coincide with temperatures in the upper 50ºs, a light breeze, and low humidity made it just about perfect. We ran together until our first fuel and fluid cache. We ended up passing by each other and were able to slap hands as our training routes crossed; that was a nice highlight! I felt pretty good after the half-way point, but started to feel the miles as I approached my final fuel and water cache. After the 3 Perptetuem tablets, a Hammer gel, and water, I forgot to take my Endurolite caplets, and for a brief moment felt like running back to grab another swallow of water, but I ended up just swallowing them on their own. Then it was the duel mental and physical push until then end, trying to keep a smile on my face as I passed folks on the shared bike path. I was hoping for a negative split [1 hr. 12min 24 sec at the half-way point], and was not sure if I’d do that or not; but I did end up at 2hr 19min 21 sec. at a 10:36 average pace. As I finished, I felt pretty beat up, but kept moving as I cooled down. Wearing compression socks now as I type this up and they feel great!

One thought on “13 Miles Right on Track

  1. Way to rock your run!!!! Keep up the great work. I’ve been sporting my compression socks on my long runs….they really help. Only down side I have 1pair. I love wearing them after run too. You had awesome temps.

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