Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!

Week 33/52 recap

5.26 EZ – 5.26EZ – 16.3
cycled 15
serious core workout Friday

Anyone see iPhone’s new ad featuring the song “Chicken Fat?” What used to also be called “The Youth Fitness Song” and sung by dear Robert Preston brings back memories of grade school gym class to both Jim and myself. Origionally composed for President Kennedy’s Physical Fitness Program it preceded Title IX and some of the exercises excluded girls.

Go you chicken fat go is how kick@$$ my week has been. A super hard workout Friday left my gluts still sore for my 16 miler today but I got it done.

Also if ANYONE has an old copy of the grade school Physical Fitness Program requirements of the late 60’s, please share it with me. I am trying to put together just what we had to accomplish to pass the test. The original test included a softball throw, a broad jump, a 50-yard dash, and 600-yard walk/run (this was BEFORE it required a mile run), chin ups for guys/arm hangs for gals and more.

2 thoughts on “Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!

  1. OMG! I love it! I have not seen that add. I watch so little tv. That’s awesome & I wille sharing that with my Green Team.

    Thank you for posting that. You are awesome. Keep up the great work on training. Happy summer.

    • We can pick up one station with our antenna and analog tv. We were watching the one show we like when it came on. My jaw just dropped open when I heard the music start because I knew exactly what it was.

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