Week 30/52 recap

5.5 (included cadence check 194SPM) 56:47 – 5.03 with 10 sets of strides 51:06 (10:09) – 14LSR 2:33:24

I wanted to document my progress on the BOSU since January when I first got it. You can see a video of some of my first weighted squats on my January blog post. Below is a video about 5 months later in late May.

Speaking of progress, my dad is getting around better and better. Using only a cane, we visited his parent’s grave on Memorial Day and he was able to put some flowers there.MemorialDay2014

Not all of my runs are at paces that please me but my body is doing well and I need to be realistic. I took time to compare my 14 mile run again others that were on the exact course and I was shocked to see that I am fa bit faster than I thought I was.

Progress can be long and tedious and the trick for me is not to get discouraged. Like my dad, I may never get back to exactly what I was able to do before but I have to build back strong and carefully. I am proud of what he has done and I need to try to be proud of myself too.

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