Green Mornings, Golden Evenings

Week 29/52 recap

3.6 + 2.34 (included cadence check 200SPM) – 5 with 8 sets of strides – 7 tempo (goal mid 4 @ 9:30)
PT and new core, stationary cycle because of thunderstorms

It has been another week of logging a lot of miles in the car (to NYC and local). For the first time in a year I found myself looking at the wonderful central PA landscape and thinking, “I want to run that.” The green Appalachians roll out in hazy near summer green and my legs are itching to explore every shade.

This spring has had rain enough that everything is green and lush and the mornings have yet to become too warm. I was able to delay my Tuesday run to be able to run to my polling place and back. It was a rare closed primary in which I was able to vote for a local referendum.

Thursday’s highlight was getting out the door early enough to slap-pappy with Jim as he returned from his run. I was only 1/10 mile starting and he had 1/10 mile left. It shows just how early he gets out the door so that he can run before work.

He also bumped up his long run to Saturday before we started out to NYC. I did a bunch of last-minute stuff at the house to get ready for our trip. This included baking some cinnamon rolls to greet him as a post run treat. I am lucky that they were done baking by the time he got back. He ran a very nice pace (9:38MM) for his 9 miles and I almost didn’t get a chance to write him a chalk message on the road to congratulate his return!

We had the pleasure of seeing our son perform in American Ballet Theatre’s production of La Bayadère that evening! We never tire of watching him perform and when he has a dynamic solo it is always thrilling.

It did make for a very late night but my 7 mile tempo run in central park went really well. I had to keep backing my pace off for my middle 4 miles to find just what a 9:30 MM felt like. This was harder to gauge while I ran the loop backward as the Women’s Mini does. I found myself running down Cat Hill and for the second time hit at least 15 seconds a mile too fast. My next mile I adjusted to a 9:45 and the final tempo mile a good 9:22. The average for the 4 was a 9:20 so I think I did pretty well.

Looks like pretty much anywhere in Central Park.

Looks like pretty much anywhere in Central Park.

My cool-down half mile had me turning around right where I hoped that I would. Check that, I thought I turned right where I hoped that I would. I had noted the turn before I started the loop. It had orange safety fence and I sign that warned no bikes on that path and I started on a downhill. I was pretty tired when I climbed the last of a hill and saw safety fence and a no bikes sign. If felt right and started in the correct direction according to the shadows in the park. Unfortunately it did not lead out immediately onto Central Park West as I was expecting. It actually lead into part of the park I had run a few weeks ago when the 5 boroughs bike tour forced us to detour. I wasn’t concerned for myself in that section of the park but I noticed that the numbers on the lamp posts that correlate to the streets kept going down in number when I wanted to be going up.

My cool down half mile was a putter along trying to figure out how to get out of the park. Eventually I saw my Bia Sport had recorded just over my goal of 7 miles so I turned it off, slowed to a walk and looked around. I saw a map and just stared at it. I was too fatigued to figure out where the heck I was but used the angle of the sun and the numbers on the lamp-posts to herd me through sections of the green park that all looked the same. My brain kicked in exactly where Jim and I had exited the park at the end of our 11-miler and I trit-trotted 1/3 mile uptown to get where I wanted to be. So yeah, I got lost in Central Park but it was a beautiful morning for it and I was no worse off in the end.


4 thoughts on “Green Mornings, Golden Evenings

  1. oh you *are* arrons mom! he’s wonderful! i thought his mercutio last year was one of the best i’ve ever seen & now he’s one of my favorites in the company 🙂 (i was at that bayadere performance too)! you must be so proud.

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