Week 28/52 recap

5.2 (included 5k time trial 27:45) – 5.3 with 6 sets of strides – 13LSR
PT and new core, stationary cycle

It was a pretty crazy and long week with another trip to NYC thrown in the middle but I made it work. I had the privilege of attending the teen Cirque du Monde end of year performance at Hunt’s Point where Amy is the director.HuntsPoint

The students there presented a lot of great tumbling, acrobatics, balance, contortion, flexibility, juggling many different props and aerial acts on silks to some awesome beats. The best was their stage presence and poise in front of an audience. At an age where attitude and apathy can dictate, these students reflected care, control and collaboration. I am always impressed with their performances and I cheer Amy for her hard work and guidance of this program.

I did a lot of hopping subways and buses but remembered to keep my bags light this time so I wouldn’t mess up my back. Along with the speed workouts and longest run since last September, I feel like I did a good job with it all. At the end of the week I was pretty beat and I don’t have much energy for blogging it all. I guess some weeks are like that.

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