Two Years Different

Week 27/52 recap

6.91 – 5.41 – 8LSR
x-train: 20 mile bike, 2 days of core work/weight/PT

Two years ago, almost to the day, I was finally able to do a unassisted chin up again. Even more of a coincidence now that I look it up is that it was two years ago exactly I took on Angie Spencer as my coach for training for my first marathon and I have just signed on as a client of hers again.

This long run was a step down week for me but Jim forged ahead and aced 12.8 miles on Mother’s Day. The route we took wasn’t particularly easy but it allowed us to start and end from our home. We ran the first 4 miles together, forced a slap-pappy and I turned around to head back home.

I felt pretty good the whole way and even wanted to push a bit at times. I remembered to just keep it easy since I have a plan to follow now and reminded myself that the one side of my back and right hip wasn’t feeling perfect. Either my psoas is tightening up again or it was the addition of a weight on my one exercise that made it act up and feel a little tweaked.image

My lower back/hip was not feeling so hot even after stretching out and my long run pace made me feel like a sad slug. I had been so happy until I saw my time – why do I let it get to me? Even the cute motivational message on my Bia-Sport failed to move me. I was set on moping.

The day shaped up to be pretty nice after all. My back stayed about the same. It was probably because I didn’t give it any rest but helped my folks get a bunch of stuff done around their house. That felt good in other ways and we all went out for a nice meal with Jim’s mom too.

I had to laugh and tell them how my Saturday was such a series of stupid disappointments that my slow pace that morning was laughable. We had to drive to Altoona to drop off my dad’s entry into the Arts Festival and planned a special stop along the way. There is one bakery in central PA that regularly makes vegan doughnuts and we could take that route because they were open on Saturday!

We tuned in to our favorite running podcast, Marathon Training Academy. Road trips and MTA make for happy times and I did my usual happy hand choreography to the theme song. We enjoyed the banter between Angie and Trevor and wondered what their guest would have to share. When the guest (I refuse to name him) was introduced, he said something that was so snarky in reply to his introduction that I was shocked. Trevor handled the comment with aplomb but this guy was really downright rude at times. Angie was absent for this podcast and Trevor remained poised through the whole interview, bringing out the best information for the listening audience from an author who seemed bent on being abrasive. At one point, the intervewee likened himself to another controversial author by throwing out the title of her book. Trevor didn’t miss a beat and interjected her correct name again lending credibility to a great podcast. I am sure some listeners may have been inspired by the author’s toughness but it was one time I almost turned it off with 15 minutes to go. I remembered that Angie would probably return for the sign off and then I could my traditional end of podcast dance. I made it through, but barely.

A bit glum that the topic wasn’t as uplifting as usual, I knew a vegan doughnut would really hit the spot. We had stopped in Spruce Creek Bakery when I had run the 16 mile length of Lower Trail on a non-hunting Saturday in August. I was training for my first marathon and the husband and wife owners had so many questions and wanted to hear back from me after I completed it. The husband was wanting to hear if I hit the wall or not. This was our first trip back to the bakery since then and I was excited to tell him that I had fueled and paced myself well enough to not bonk.

Sadly the owners weren’t there and, although the bakery provides myriad vegan baked goods for our local Otto’s Pub, there were only 4 unglazed vegan doughnuts in the case. We refused to leave without a treat so decided to get a doughnut each. Wanting to limit packaging, we shared a plate and chose to eat them in the little dining area. Jim and I sat down and crunched into our doughnuts. Yes, crunched. Typically a soft cake style, these vegan circles were biscotti-like. I looked at Jim and clanked my baked good on the plate, “It shouldn’t do that.” He agreed and looked at his as I tried one my bite and hurt my tooth. We agreed to take them back to the counter but waited until the toher customers left as to not make a scene.

The gals behind the counter didn’t seem to care much that we were dissatisfied, didn’t offer to check to see if the remaining two doughnuts were just as hard and asked if we wanted our money back almost as an afterthought. I might not be as tough as the author we heard interviewed but wasn’t going to make a big deal out of eight-bits ($1.25). It just wasn’t worth it for us but we wanted them to know for future customers. They didn’t make a move to check the remaining doughnuts and that is… sad.

My Saturday was filled with stupid stuff like that. I ruined my favorite rice heating pad in a comic moment. I was taking it out of the microwave with one hand and let the plate of pasta and sauce in my other hand tip. To try to catch it, I thrust the hand holding the rice pack under the falling pasta but failed. The pasta hit and ruined my rice pack but most of it continued to free fall. The comic moment? Our cat, Miles, was directly under the waterfall of pastaMiles. He got hit with warm pasta and sauce and sped out of the kitchen and down the hall, trailing pasta as he ran.

Jim jumped to my rescue and cleaned the floor and I got my clothes into the washing machine. I foolishly thought I could wash the rice pack but realized it would never dry out completely. I threw it away as Jim wiped most of the sauce off of Miles. I got a fresh dish of pasta as Miles finished cleaning himself. Topped with nutritional yeast, I set it on our coffee table while I dug out a different heating pad. I returned to find Miles eating the yeast off of my pasta, as if everything he had groomed off of his fur wasn’t enough!

We laughed at the sight of Miles helping himself with dainty little licks until he started actually biting the noodles! Jim grabbed him up, again trailing pasta but this time from his mouth. Flakes of nutritional yeast fell over the table and a noodle fell into our vase filled with water. The day was starting to be a real series of crazy little events.

We went to bed early because of our planned long runs. In the dusk, I could see a cat toy lying in the doorway to our bedroom. I knew if I left it there that I would step on it in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom. My back was still stiff so I took my toe to fling the toy to the edge of the wall. Just as I touched it I realized it was less solid that I had imagined but momentum carried me though a warm and wet mess. Miles had deposited a hairball from grooming off all of that pasta earlier and my toes were in the thick of it.

Jim and I laugh and laughed at the whole series of grumpy little things (did I mention spilling my tonic water at supper?) that had been thrown my way all day. I think this was why I didn’t let my pace get too me for too long on Sunday morning. Being with our parents on Mother’s Day was a real bright spot. My dad has been home over a week and I can see how he and Mom are grateful for just the tiniest things. We were glad to help with the storm windows, shopping and lifting a few things. I will keep stretching out and my back will feel better eventually. I’m not the person I was a couple of years ago and I need to be ok with that. Life is good even when everything doesn’t fall into place.

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