Long Run Fuel Cache Bags

Back when I was injured, I repurposed some old running bibs and made them into Running Bib Coasters. I have to say they are still holding up and I am very pleased with them.

bagsToday I got tired of constantly remaking labels for bags and bottles of water I put out as long run caches. I decided to make something a bit more permanent and word it in a way that didn’t require a date. I used clear tape over the print outs and have pinned them on bags that we hang from fences along our running course.

I repurposed some old swag bags from races. We have so many of them that I realized other runners probably have them too. I am taking a moment to share another way they can be reused that will help out your long runs.


4 thoughts on “Long Run Fuel Cache Bags

  1. Great idea Terri! I don’t have so many bags from races, but do have a variety from conferences, etc. I like the idea of repurposing them!

    • Exactly the same kind Beth. We hang them from the fence on the bike trail that the local marathon was on if you would continue on after the covered bridge for about 2 miles. Looks like we will be caching a second one soon on the bike rack at Pump Station Café too.

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