This is the Year

Week 24/52 recap

6.5 – 4.4 hill – 8.2

Aspar14Last June, as I mentioned in Waiting for the Asparagus, this is not only the year I will run the NYC Marathon but the year we can start harvesting our asparagus! Look at those healthy spears breaking the ground!

I am hoping my patience to harvest it properly might also reflect the care I have taken in building a strong base for running the marathon too. Two years ago we had a very warm late winter then a hard freeze that ruined a lot of the spears that had shot up. We worried whether or not to harvest them before they froze but let nature ruin them in hopes that it would send the nutrients of the frozen spears back underground to their crowns. There was very little written on what to do for young asparagus, not ready for harvest yet going to be ruined by freeze. Crap happens and, just like recovering from an injury, you just have to try to be smart about giving time even when it feels like a waste.

Soon we will harvest these lovely spears and they will fuel me for my training for the NYC Marathon, THIS is the year.


2 thoughts on “This is the Year

  1. I’ll be there with you, having deferred after the 2012 weather disaster until 2014. Talk about a long-awaited harvest. Wishing the best for good eats from the tenderly cared for asparagus.

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