Focus on Overall Progress

Week 23/52 recap

3.58 trail – 1 warm up – 3.1 Juniata Valley BPW 5k

My back started the week with a minor back slide. I am realizing carrying heavy bags (or helping family move) all around the NYC is part of what has been the problem every time it acts up. On and off cross town buses, down and up steps to the subway and always embracing that need to hurry in the city. Arron was very kind in lugging my bag to my departure bus on Monday but I wasn’t feeling like running Tuesday.

Wednesday I wanted to start working in my cross training and got the ol’ bike out for it’s first go of the season. I decided to bike to the base of Nittany Mountain then “run” up and around and down on the white loop. My back wasn’t even happy with biking, especially the 400′ elevation gain to the trail head. I followed that with 600′ gain over 1/2 mile up Nittany and I thought I would change my plans and come right back down.

After stretching out I decided to keep going and turned to the right and did the rocky 2.5 mile loop on top of the mountain. That and the rest went ok but it may have all been too much after my trip. Some long poses on the modeling stand added into the mix have been making my back a bit crabby this week.DadRelease

I did a hard core workout on Friday before going to help my parents move Dad back into his home. He has come a long way since his stroke and hadn’t been home for almost 2 months. From a life flight transport to Danville, a surgical procedure for complications after a kidney stone removal and the stroke that happened at the same time; Dad has battled back and is as witty as ever. He still has a lot of work to do and isn’t what he was months ago but his progress has been amazing. They had a small ceremony for his release from Health South. I will miss running there to have breakfast with him in the morning.TerriAG

The move went pretty well, even in the rain. He is settling into re-learning how to navigate the home he was born in. I am realizing that is what we have to do ever day, reinvent what is right for the given moment. I wasn’t pleased with coming in 38 second slower in the same Juniata Valley BPW 5k I ran last year but need to remember that I am actually running again. Set backs can be disappointing and when compared to years prior can be disappointing. “Unrealistically disappointing” is a better way to describe it.JimmyAG

Jimmy-the-eye and I both came in second in our age groups. Jim ran a 5k PR 24:02 and I ran 27:47. It was a nice run, everyone was as friendly as always and Tracy stopped by to cheer us at the finish line. We both came away without injury and my back feels really good today. I am run down with some kind of upper respiratory issue that could be related to pollen or maybe a slight cold but I can’t blame my race time on that. I am a different person each day, a child of the universe being born each moment, and I need to focus on overall progress.

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