Run for the Parks

Week 22/52 recap

4.2 – 4.2 – 7.79 (warm up, cool down and 4 mile race in the middle)

The weather last week was bliss compared to the week before. Instead of 14 – 17° for my morning runs it was actually above freezing. I have been running out to Health South to have breakfast with Dad and kept the same routine last week. Progress was made on both of our parts; he has graduated to solid food and I got my pace under a 10 minute mile on Thursday.

Thursday was crazy for me because I later caught a bus to NYC. I spent the day planning and packing all I would need. This trip would include the weekend thus provide an opportunity to run again in Central Park.

I have made the mistake of trying to run in the park on mornings they have scheduled races and it is just madness. I went onto the NYRR Webpage to check the schedule and was dismayed that there were races both Saturday and Sunday. I saw the Sunday race was a 4 miler and still open so I went ahead and registered for the Run for the Parks! I would have a couple miles warm up from staying with family then a couple miles cool down going back. I was able to pick up my packet the next day and my weekend running plans were set!

I was in the city to attend MoCCA Fest, a convention of cartoon and comic artists. I had been wanted to attend for years and this year I put aside other conflicts and scheduled the trip.

Friday’s festivities started with a casual yet vibrant party for women called Drink and Draw like a Lady. I took my hydration bottle, Nuun tablets, a plate of vegan cheeses and meats as well as my drawing stuff. I was pretty reserved when it came to chatting with other women comic artists but met a few nice gals. Mostly, I sat drawing my journey to the party. It was a crazy challenge transporting a plate of vegan nibbles on a crowded subway during rush hour to Grand Central Station.


The next couple of days were filled with a cornucopia of comics! Women who had seen me at Drink and Draw Like a Lady but hadn’t had time to talk were anxious to connect with me. I swapped comics with many of them and made some purchases too. It was inspiring to see their work and helped me realize the direction I want to take with mine. I have no desire to market my work, to try to make it something to sell but I would like to get more finished pieces. I don’t care for digital comics and do not believe print is dead. It may cost more to make a finished mini-comic but I would rather give away a hard copy than something just floating in cyberspace for free.charlie

It was by walking amongst the tables of fresh young faces, jaded older egotists and attending panels if discussion of comic art that helped me solidify my goals and vision. There is a LOT of great stuff out there right now but that doesn’t mean I can’t do my work too.

Sunday dawned bright and just a bit crisp. My warm up jog to the start line put my Bia Sport to the rest as I ran down the urban canyon toward Central Park. I glanced at the data to see it recording my mileage about two tenths if a mile in. What shocked me was after a few more blocks it still read the same. When I got to Central Park, the readings had caught up with me and I knew I would be excited to see how the map looked for that lapsed reception time. Sure enough, the recorded path bounced me way North as I was deep between tall buildings but it recovered at intersections when I crossed the wide avenues. photo

I got to the start line in plenty of time and went way back in my pink corral. I reset my watches for the start and was off. I have to say that I passed WAY more people than passed me so it was odd they put my pace back there. The course started up Cat Hill then turned left before Harlem Hills. We came down the West Park Drive and cut in at about 72nd. I pushed pretty hard the whole way only checking my Bi Sport for distance at the mile markers and it was spot on. I crossed the finish line trying to keep up with an awesome indigo shirt in front of me and aced a 9:01 MM! My legs felt really responsive the whole way and although I am no where near beating any of my PRs, I actually feel like I am “running” again.

That afternoon I went back to MoCCA Fest, heard my favorite author/comic writer/graphic novelist speak and was bold enough to give her a sample of my own work. I am not certain but think that nailing down my 9MM earlier in the day may have empowered me to make such a bold 1


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