The Tough Get Going

Week 19/52 Recap

4.81 – 5.06 Yasso 800s – 11.03 LSR

Folks closest to our family know how rough things have been for the past month. Not to be a tease but all I can say, for the sake of family privacy, is that we have seen enough of the inside of hospitals and rehab centers.

All of my hard work running, core work and cross training will hopefully prepare me for any unexpected physical hurdles that life can throw at me. I can only hope that persevering in a marathon and all of its training can show me that I can meet other hardships and challenges in life. I think of it as training for life. Life can get tough at times and I hope to meet it head on.IMG_0288

This week, I had the great fortune of being in my home town and getting to run a beautiful 5 mile loop. From my parent’s house along Jack’s Creek Rd and back Green Ave, I was able to enjoy one of the first warmish days of late winter. Birds were singing as I got off a little later than usual. Since the clock change of Daylight Savings I have been finding it pretty hard to rally in the mornings. This 5 mile loop was great for my spirit. The view of the old Stone Arch Bridge was nice and I ran it just a hair faster than a few years ago (when it was my second run of the day and really hot out – HA).

The weather has been really bi-polar and shifted to crazy windy and super cold for my next day. Back to the indoor track I went for some Yasso 800’s. They didn’t go too badly but I am still getting used to my Bia Sport. The Slap to Lap function works but when I glance at my 800 split I sometimes can’t tell if my slap worked because there is a bit of a delay in showing the lap time. So I slap it again and then reset it without really seeing the lap time. My last 800, I slapped it so hard I must have “pushed” the button and it ended my workout. Some new things take getting used to.

Mary Lou Harris who blogs Still a Runner is the race director for the Capital 10-Miler Run for the Arts for the Arts and invited us to join them. Jim and I toyed with joining but decided stay in town for our long run. We thought of them running along the river because it was really windy even amongst our rolling hills in State College.

Jim was went above and beyond, as usual, by driving our fuel cache bag to a spot about 3.5 miles into our run. That set up a drink for 3.5 miles out then 7.5 miles back. It also allowed me to ditch my gloves in the bag as I picked up a little protein mixture for later in my run. Instead of Hammer Perpetuem solids, we have been trying a mixture of hydrated chia seeds with a little almond butter in a flask. It has been sitting well GI wise and seems to provide good energy too. The only real challenge is carrying the flask which is not disposable. Maybe I will look for an alternative container that I can toss in the trash during a race or point to point run.BlueHair

We toughed out the windy 11 miles for the longest run in about 6 month for both of us. Jim overcame shin splints and I am dealing with off my sacroiliac/ psoas/ piriformis issues. It went well for both of us and I encouraged Jim to take the final mile of uphill at his own pace. It wasn’t easy but we kept it slow and steady. Jim had to look at the back of my shirt for some of this run. He said it made him smile so we took a photo to share.

Today there are 3 days left to apply for the 2014 NYC Marathon. I have a guaranteed entry and Jim is entered into the lottery which will be drawn in 10 days. I have a few other friends who are also in the lottery and I believe Mary Lou is a guaranteed entry. Wouldn’t it be smashing if we all got in!? I can’t wait to hear who else is tough enough to be running it this year.


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