Turning Point

Week 17/52 Recap

5.6 – 10.56 LSR

~warning, photo of a very beautiful but dead pheasant at the end of this post~

Happy 52nd Birthday to me! A perfect indigo martini and my dearest man by my side helped celebrate the day and kick off the next stage of my training for the NYC Marathon. I knew I would be 52 when I ran in November 2014 thus I made my theme and hashtag 52 to NYC Marathon. It has kept me accountable for documenting each of the weeks, all 52 of them, that are leading to the big race.

Can't wait for winter to turn around.

Can’t wait for winter to turn around.

I turned 52 just as I start the second third of this 52 week journey to NYC and am noting some changes. I wish one change was in the wintery weather but no such luck yet. I haven’t graduated from PT, I have another 4 PT sessions, but one change with that is I really am getting strong. What I am changing for the final 36 weeks of training is no alcohol, as in beverages.

My training is ramping up very slowly as I am able to tackle longer distances. Jim and I ran over 10 miles this past weekend. The final mile wasn’t pretty and I was terribly beat for the rest of the day. The change of no beer, martinis, nor my favorite gin & tonics until after the race can only help this aging body pull off another marathon.

At the time I write this it has been a week since that turning point. I shocked a good handful of friends, some that don’t know me well, some that don’t realize the resolve it takes to run a marathon. Giving up 8 months of drinks will be nothing compared to the final 4 miles of rolling hills in Manhattan. When I am grinding down 5th Ave and turning onto Central Park South I want as many solid reminders that I CAN DO IT to draw on as possible. Flashing back on this little turning point in my training will be in my arsenal of empowering decisions and victories.

What I may feel like at the end of the marathon. I hope I look this good.

What I may feel like at the end of the marathon. I hope I look this good.

5 thoughts on “Turning Point

      • It’s really no biggy. The first month will be the hardest and a week of that is already gone. I am used to giving up things I enjoy (aka cheese) even when they don’t seem to be doing me any harm. I don’t feel any better nor worse since giving up either and it’s cheese I miss more.

  1. You are going to look amazing as you are headed down 5th Avenue to Central Park and the Finish Line!!! I will be there with a nice cold one waiting for you at the family reunion area!!! Excited for you!! I am still on top of the world from NYCM 2013!!!!

  2. You are one of the most determined women I have ever met and I never doubted you could give uip alcohol until the marathon! I just hope we can still get together for drinks and I don’t look too stupid to you as I get tipsy and you don’t

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