Slip Slidin’ Away

Week 14/52 Recap

5.13 – 5.08 ladder – 7.45 LSR

snow_hillThis winter is really providing some challenges. An outdoor run in the deep fluffy stuff on Monday was quickly followed by shoveling the heavy snow on Tuesday. Throw in PT and all the regular modeling that strains my back and I was really feeling it all week.

Sunday was very cold again and a light but constant snowfall had the roads covered and dangerous in places for the last of our long run. It was a step down week thank goodness so we just ran tight little circles all around our neighborhood.

I think I blogged about Slap Pappy before. Jim (Pappy) and I play a game where we turn toward each other at a turn around or cul-de-sac. At the point where we face each other, we give a high 5 quickly followed by a low 5 as we pass each other. The video below shows us executing a very bad Slap Pappy because of slipping on the ice and me not being certain that we were going to cross in the frame of the video. Our slaps were fails and Jim starts to walk because of the ice but it was fun anyway
The pace was terribly slow but we had a very nice time together. It was so cold that the snow that was landing on my face toward the end wasn’t melting and Jim’s finger tips were getting numb. It was great to be out and together, singing Mr. Roger’s songs and joking about the ponies being in their fuzzy pajamas. No loose dogs rushed me like on Tuesday so I consider it a success.ColdPointers

5 thoughts on “Slip Slidin’ Away

  1. This post had me smiling big for you. Way to NOT let this crazy winter block you. You will forever remember all these steps and in the end will make for the MOST awesome memories of how you kept on moving forward. Super cute photo of the two of you. Cheering you on from MD. Stay warm my mother runner friend. 🙂

  2. Love slap pappy! I want someone to high five me like that on my long runs. Maybe I will yell out, ” Slap Pappy!” tomorrow on my run with my hand up as I pass a runner and see if I get any takers. :). Way to get out there despite the weather. You are one tough chica.

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