Week 13/52 Recap

4.08 EZ – 2.77 – 8.5 LSR

It is probably a push to equate the street art photos I took to shadows that people cast but it’s Groundhog Day today. With Phil seeing his shadow, reflections of what we cast, outlines of ourselves and standing in the wake of or quite near the energies of others was on my mind.

Pretty much at the last minute, we decided to do our long run together today on part of the Capital 10-miler course in Harrisburg. The clincher was that I saw no rain in the forecast there, reasonable temperatures and next to no wind. The no wind is a rare thing along the broad Susquehanna River and I was finally up to hitting a distance that felt like a real long run. We were going for 8 miles this morning.

I was a bit conflicted because I had planned to try to include a visit with our good friends who live just on the other side of the Harvey Taylor Bridge on which we would be running. Things came together so quickly, I had no time to make that happen this time.

We were surprised by the amount of ice on the river and realized that the lower path along the river was littered with giant icebergs. This was the second time this week that we had to abruptly alter our plan. Our plan to run Yassos on Jim’s birthday at the indoor track was spoiled by the building closure for a track meet and I had a lousy reacquaintance with a treadmill.

Jim suggested doubling up our first lap out and back on the mile long bridge and that worked out really well. Each time I reached the Camp Hill side I felt so close, yet so far from our friends’ home. Kind of in their shadow without them knowing.

The second time across the Harvey Taylor Bridge, I told Jim to run his own pace for the last couple of miles. Since I am still recovering, I know I am holding him back and we aren’t planning on running side by side in the upcoming race. I was able to get some nice photos of him (and street art) on the bridge.

I shadowed him for about a half a mile and finally caught up to him. I was excited to take a photo of a Frank Zappa tag painted in the underpass and this gave my legs energy to pass him. He passed me just as I was shooting the photo. Because he was ahead of me again, I took a photo of him banking hard to recross the bridge as a cool train crossed by in the distance.

I had such a fun run! I know the Capital 10-miler doesn’t really have the tags and street art in mind when they call it a “run for the arts” but I just love the creativity. It reflects just a bit of the personalities of the people of the area and is a welcome distraction as the miles roll by.

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