Slow Good

Week 12/52 Recap

6.09 LSR – 4 EZ – 4.1 Yasso 800s – 6.84 LSR

That’s how Heinz Ketchup used to advertise itself, “It’s Slow Good.” I bet it is even slower in the winter. The cold is making us a bit crazy trying to squeeze runs in thus my long runs both fell in this week.

I did do some speed-work Friday at the indoor track and it wasn’t my fastest but was pretty much as when I was training for my first marathon. All of the above and the lower back has only twinged a little bit.

I just love this photo of us as we shared about 7 miles of great conversation on today before the storm blew in. I am still smiling about a mile into our run. It was blowing about 20-mile-an-hour winds and while the sun was out it was tolerable. The headwind back and clouds spitting sharp little ice shards made the final miles… memorable. It was Jim’s support that kept me going.JimTerri


3 thoughts on “Slow Good

  1. Great photo, but the background looks absolutely chilling, like I felt on this morning’s run. We were talking post-run about the difficulty of doing speedwork when temps are in the teens at best.

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