Chasing Away the Winter Blahs

Week 11/52 Recap

1.2 recovery – 3.21 – 4.08 group run

My updates of the week prior are becoming delayed now that I am back to work and able to do more physically. My Low Tech Runner week was kind of glum and I was feeling like progress had slipped because of my never-ending cold but as I was typing the recap last week I was feeling great.

This past week started with a great PT session with John confirming that my psaos, although still terribly tight, was loosening up. He set me up with a lot of hip and glut strengthening exercises and checked my progress on the BOSU balance trainer. When I started a couple of weeks ago, even on both legs the squats set the BOSU bouncing and shaking like mad. My right knee would turn in when I got fatigued. My first week on it he wouldn’t even let me do single leg squats. As a preview to my week 12/52 #52toNYCmarathon you can see I am starting single leg squats and added a weight.My first run of the week was just a tag-on after PT/core work. I was feeling pretty good and the weather allowed me to take a quick spin around the neighborhood.

The next day I ran 3 miles outside on a rolling course that I hadn’t done in a while. I just love that section on Trout Rd. Even though I wasn’t fast, it was great to see those pastures and farms again.

Something about that week found me so sleepy. I kept wanting to try to join an organized group of ladies who run every morning at 6AM and I just couldn’t shift myself on the days the mileage or effort was within my limits. I set my sights on Friday for the easiest day. When I had a hard time getting it together to catch the bus for work on Thursday, I told Jim (who was to be my ride) that there was no way I could be out the door on time Friday.

Living room PT stuff.

Living room PT stuff.

Almost immediately a message on the group run board posted that some of the women decided to get together at 7:00AM and at Spring Creek Park and going to a local coffee shop afterward. I was thrilled, I wouldn’t need a ride and I knew the route from there very well. That night, Arron encouraged me to bike there and save the pounding for my run.

Clear roads allowed me to bike with lights a’blinking to the dark park. I arrived just as a car pulled into the one lot. I locked my bike up but needed to get moving after a long chilly coast downhill to the park; I jogged 1/4 mile to the other parking lot to see which the women might be meeting in. As I got there, a car pulled in but just to turn around so back to the first lot I went. Halfway back, a woman came jogging toward me but she said she wasn’t in the group.

I checked my watch and it was exactly 7:00 as I got back to the first lot where a small group of women we standing. I introduced myself and told them I was building back my running base and had chosen Friday because it was said to be lower intensity. They all stared at me with wide eyes and one of them said, “A group of us decided to run about 7 miles and go on to the hard hills.” I shrugged and said that I would just turn at around Branch Rd. and make mine a 4 miler.cold running

We started off at toward the other lot and immediately I could tell I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I pushed hard to stay with the last few ladies long enough to confirm that they were all still planning to meet at up the coffee shop afterward. By the time we reached the second parking area, I had to let them go.

Hiking with Jan and Jim

Hiking with Jan and Jim

That was my run with them, one quarter of a mile. I tried to pretend it didn’t matter and that made it a little better. I didn’t care that I was slow and last, I cared that no one seemed to think twice about leaving me in their dust.

I lost sight of them before I hit my first mile and tackled the small rolling hills near Millbrook Marsh. I wished I had some tunes to keep me company, I had opted for only a watch since I had envisioned actually chatting with someone. I passed the new Happy Valley Brewery without asking any of them if they had eaten there yet. I passed the three cat head graffiti stencils without sharing anything about my knowledge of them. I turned around as planned and headed back thinking I would probably have a negative split; people running up behind me always lights a little fire under my tail.

I looked back over my shoulder just as I entered the park but still couldn’t see any of them. When I got to my bike, I made it a point to unlock it and get pedaling right away before I started to get chilled. I was sweaty and waiting around wasn’t going to be an option. To get to the coffee shop I had to bike back the way I had just run. It made my 5th time that morning to travel that section of the park.

Up to my shoulder, reaching in for a letterbox.

Up to my shoulder, reaching in for a letterbox.

Not too long after exiting the park, I passed the fastest group of women coming back and told them I would see them at the coffee shop. A mile later, I did the same for the slower group. It was pretty funny that we all ended up pulling into the parking lot at the same time.

The coffee was fine, the conversation never really had anything to do with running and I am not so much into yoga or group workouts. They are already well established and didn’t seem to want to make much room in their conversation to include me. I ended up having to bike 3 miles home when I was already pretty tired but it all worked out.

The weekend came on fast and hiking/letterboxing in NY with Jan was great. It totally sucked my energy though and I put off my long run in hopes of being able to stay awake to watch the season 3 premier of Sherlock that night. It didn’t make a difference, we fell asleep during it anyway.


5 thoughts on “Chasing Away the Winter Blahs

  1. I wish I could have been there to run with you that morning 🙂 The girls I run with are 25 to 30 years younger than me and we all seem to run the same pace including hills…except for one morning when I wasn’t expecting running up a new hill…for me that is…and I just couldn’t keep up with them. It was so dark outside!! I could hear them then dead silence and darkness…I called out to them and they didn’t answer back. I had no idea how far away they were so I decided to turn around and head towards town. We eventually caught up but I felt “left behind” and to be honest … I didn’t like that feeling 😦 Keep doing what you are doing to get yourself back on track. You are an awesome runner and I believe in YOU!! I will be in NYC in November to cheer you on!!!

    • Thanks! I think it was feeling on the outside of the group from the get-go and they did little to assure that I was cool with being left out. Honestly, I like running alone but wanted some motivation to get me out the door and wanted to mix it up. From now on, I will just imagine running with you and and the friends I have made that live so far away.

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