Low Tech Runner

Week 10/52 Recap

1.2 More Miles than Degrees – 3EZ indoor track – 3 Yassos – 6.5 LSR

It wasn’t a great week. The bad cold I caught before the new year really set me back a bit. All of the coughing really did a number on my back and my PT didn’t go as well as I hoped. I had worked so hard on loosening up my upper back by rolling it out. It had been starting to adjust before all of my hacking made it freeze up again.

Everything being inter-connected, my lower back was just a bit grouchy. Not that it ever went into the full-out seize up mode like it would occasionally even late December. I could just tell if I wasn’t careful that it easily could all fall apart again.

DSC04159_smI wasn’t certain if I would be up to adding mileage this week but Sunday came and I felt fine, not great but fine. I strapped on my good old $7.00 watch from Walmart and Jim and I both started on the same route. We enjoyed chatting and pointing out things to each other. About 2 miles in, a red-tailed hawk flew near the bike path and landed on a sign that we would be passing. It stayed until we were directly beside it, only 20′ away! It’s yellow eyes were stunning!

Jim’s shin splints are still not acting up. His recovery is going really well, so he kept going when I turned around after about 5k. I had been so shocked by the hawk I had forgotten that I brought my camera along so I snapped a photo over my shoulder of Jim before we parted ways.

I didn’t hit my turn around split. I knew it was going to be slow. I hadn’t run so far in a long time and didn’t want to worry about the time. My dear old watch only marks one split at a time and I have to be careful not to reset it in the process. It was less of a problem on something like an out and back but was harder a couple of days before when I ran a couple of Yasso 800s at the indoor track. Multiple splits/repeats mean finding a way to write them down before continuing or run the risk of forgetting. I have thrown a Sharpie in my SPIbelt and written my splits on my arm before.

DSC04174_smI am not complaining. Banged up purple case, fuzzy velcro strap that always smells a bit funky and my handwritten taped on safety info has been with me from the first week I started to run. I may have replaced the battery, once, but this watch has logged thousands of miles with me. Through the pouring rain, a color run and a full marathon it has served me well.

All of this hoopla over a $7.00 watch because I never wanted a big clunky Garmin for my wrist. Mainly because I didn’t feel I deserved a high-tech expensive watch as a recreational runner but also because my old watch was just fine. It was about a year and a half ago when I had my attention drawn to a Kickstarter campaign for Bia: Multi-Sport GPS Watch with Safety Alert. Women have been the target market for this watch and I was sold. I became a backer and was glad the production of the Bia has chugged along over the months.

Four days ago I got an update on production. The subject line read, We started building your Bia’s last night! Every update has been exciting but I am now getting excited to try out my new watch. I am thinking anyone tracking me during the NYC Marathon will have more accurate data than I could have imagined because of the capabilities of this watch.

Until then I will still be wearing my good o’ low tech watch. Shoes wear out and I get new styles, I went from capris to running skirts and stocking caps were quickly tossed aside for neck gaiters and balaclavas. My purple Walmart watch has seen it all up to this point.


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