I Needed a Li’l Christmas

Week 5 – 8/52 Recap

12/2-12/ 8 – 100% rest
12/9-12/15 – PT and 2 miles on indoor track
12/16-12/22 – PT and 3 miles on indoor track
12/23-12/29 – PT and running outside again!
2EZ – 2EZ – 3.5EZ

With the winter holidays and lack of running it was hard to find time or motivation to blog about…  not-running. This is my recap for pretty much all of December.

I finally got my first appointment with my chosen Physical Therapist from Penn State Sports Medicine. Dr. John Miller helped our son over a decade ago as he was a young athlete. We loved his humor, care and honesty as he helped Arron recover from patellar dislocations (one each leg over the course of a year). I didn’t have John for PT as I recovered from planatar fasciitis but really wanted his guidance for my lumbar issues.

John was the same upbeat fellow that I remembered from 14 years ago and he actually remembered my family. He took great care evaluating my strength, flexibility and physiology. He assured me that there are no disk issues and dismissed the diagnosis of bursitis in my left hip. He got me on a routine of super basic core strengthening exercises, stretches for my psoas and rolling out my upper back to help release my lower back. He made some adjustments but my lower 2 vertabrae were a bit too tight to shift so loosening things up in that area is one focus. Strengthening my core to stabilize it all is going to be a big part too.

I ran at the indoor track a couple of times and felt ok until I stopped the first time. I used the extra time in the big indoor complex to practice juggling and was able to toss and catch 6 times! I filmed it the next week but didn’t have near the success.

What did work out better was my running. I ran 3 miles but stopped in the middle to stretch out my psoas on the pole vault mats. I was able to run the second mile and a half even faster and ended with no pain at all. I am sold on stretching my psoas!

The advice to stop halfway and stretch was the ONLY good my PT appointment offered me that week. John had to leave because he was ill and they called to ask if I was ok with T____. I said, “sure.” Never again. She was 15 minutes late, cut my session short and wasted as much time as she could just watching how I was progressing on my exercises.

Thank goodness Sally was who I saw next. John is off for 2 weeks over the holidays so he suggested working with Sally who is a runner. Runner!? Heck she looks like Joan Benoit Samuelson and was SO encouraging and helpful adding new exercises and tips on keeping my form. She listened to my concerns about my grinding sacroiliac joint and told me to stop anything that ever causes it pain.

That brings me up to date and back to running outside this week! A couple of level 2 milers and a 3.5 with very slight hills. I am stretching out directly after and things are slowly progressing.

At one point I started adding the weeks up in my head and I see that shooting for the NYC Marathon is still a reasonable training time away. The time off has allowed some healing, time to visit with family and friends and for me to put on a good layer of holiday flab. Well, not so happy about the last thing but this too shall pass.


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