Snowy Morning Run

I love running on days like today; a light snow fall of about an inch or less covers the ground, the temperature is in the mid-20ºs, and it is early enough in the day that most of my running route has been undisturbed by anyone else. I took my usual round-trip route of about 5 miles, and along the way saw cat, dog (and owner), and rabbit tracks. But near the half-way point, cutting across the pristine snow, two pairs of turkey tracks! This early morning visual treat made me smile, and any little ache or discomfort I had temporarily disappeared.  – Jim


2 thoughts on “Snowy Morning Run

  1. I don’t get the chance to run in snow much where I live now, but have in the past in different locations. Sighting the tracks in the virgin snow was always a highlight of those runs. 🙂

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