Step by Step

Week 4/52 Recap

rest then 6.8 mile hike

Most of the week has been up and down with when my pain comes and goes. The rest is slowly helping and I quit the Aleve after a week of no real difference other than stomach cramps. Triggers for my pain tend to be starting to walk again after stopping, standing, bending way down to the front, reaching or looking up. Those movements are most of the hallmarks of “shopping” so I avoided Black Friday except for one brief visit to a craft store to get some candles.

I have been keeping up on some gentle stretches now that they don’t seem to aggravate anything. I also decided to alter anything else I could that would reduce inflammation. I took a look at my diet which, being vegan, was close to perfect for what I should be eating and cutting out (see my Bacon is NOT and Herb blog if you like the foodie angle on stuff). I am making a bit more effort on a few dietary choices and Jim pinches me now if I “think” of cheese. It may be helping.Juggle1

As the week progressed, standing was rarely a problem at all unless I tucked my tailbone in. I used the time to start to learn the first steps of juggling thanks to Amy, Jim and Dharmesh’s coaching. By the end of the week I was successful in flashing three balls a few times, once starting with my less comfortable hand. SwataraRT

Less pain allowed me to tentatively make plans to plan a hike and do some letterboxing on Sunday with our friend Jan. I tell you that hike was wonderful. I rarely had any pain because I just kept moving on the level rail trail and when we stopped to look for a letterbox, I dove right in and started to look. This included scrambling up some pretty steep inclines and crawling under huge trees. Bending over and getting down on the ground to stamp in was slow but it all felt pretty good until our last half mile of hiking. The regular grabbing pain set in but that was after 6.2 miles. I was thrilled.

SwataraI immediately took some ibuprofin and iced my left hip when I got home. I can’t remember any pain Sunday night and woke up this Monday morning feeling just a little muscle tightness and soreness. Hiking a bit felt like it loosened some stuff up.

Today is the registration for the 2014 NYC Marathon. I am trying to sort out my guaranteed entry with NYRR. I know, just like my pain, it will right itself step by step. The big surprise today is that Jimmy-the-eye has entered the lottery for entry this year!! Since I am guaranteed entry, this would be a great time for him to do it too! Keep your fingers crossed for him!1465314_10152065529413324_1151823139_n

5 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. I registered today too!! I will be there either way…but thought I would give it a shot …. you never know!! Will keep my fingers crossed for Jim!! I also registered for Wineglass AGAIN!!! This will be 4 years in a row for me…:) Sending positive thoughts your way…keep doing what you are doing and you will be up and running in no time!!! Miss you!!!!

  2. Oh, I’m so excited for everyone who gets to register for the NYC Marathon! I live in MN and I’m nowhere near ready to tackle a marathon, but it’s on my running bucket list.

    And lord, do I wish I had someone to pinch me if I think of cookies. or cake. Or sugar in general. Yes. That would be awesome.

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