Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, oh my.

Week 3/52 Recap


After my failed long run last Sunday, I thought I might pull off the same type of deal as I did in July, I hoped a nice rest would allow me to log a bunch of level laps and get a few miles in on Monday.

Monday landed me in such pain that I couldn’t even walk half a mile to the store without having to focus on every step. This was no good and I finally caved in and got myself to the doctor that very afternoon. To add to the cascade of activity, Jim drove me to get the recommended x-rays directly after the appointment.

I also switched from ibuprofin to Aleve that evening and heeded the doctors suggestion of, “See if you can’t lay off running for a while.” He wasn’t my regular GP who was also a runner but he seemed to understand the mindset. He felt I had been trying all of the right things and suspected some rest and eventually PT would help any tendonitis and anything the x-rays might show. He gave me scripts for both.

Tuesday I finished up a lot of around the house chores and went to a talk by graphic novelist, Chris Ware. Penn State awarded him graphic novel of the year for his deserving comic collection, Building Stories. Walking across campus was still painful but I wasn’t in the same state as I was the day before.

Wednesday, my pain may have been incrementally better by the morning but Aleve seemed to upset my stomach a bit. The GP called mid-day with the x-ray results; mild arthritis of the sacroiliac joint, mild bursitis in my left hip and mild/moderate arthritis of my lower vertabrae. The GP felt that with some time off and PT I shouldn’t have any problem getting back to where I need to train for the marathon next year.

Knowing what I was dealing with, I scheduled PT with my favorite sports medicine guy. John had been supportive and helpful with Arron when he was injured as a teenager. I liked his personality and in the past decade he became a sports medicine MD and is in high demand.

My left hip hadn’t really been giving me trouble until the very moment it got the label of bursitis. I did a bunch of walking to go and meet Arron off of the bus. For the rest of the day my left hip just kept feeling worse and worse. Stupid hip. I skulked into bed early and went to sleep without stretching or rolling anything out.

Thursday started and my left hip was pretty much the only thing hurting. After my fitful night’s rest, I was able to look up what to do for bursitis and decided to ice my hip as I should have the night before. It seemed to help some. I was still not impressed with Aleve at this point.

The day progressed with some light stretches coached by my son, a little walking here and there and ended with another icing of my left hip. Over all, the day ended with much less pain and I was able to navigate sudden direction changes without anything seizing up.

Friday morning I woke up with the least amount of pain I think I have experienced in about a month. No running was still making me grumpy and the Aleve really did a number on my stomach. I had been taking it with food but found myself waking up at night with a stomach ache (but no hip/back pain though).

Jim headed off for about 45 minutes of running and finally adding in some hills. Boy was I jealous but tried to be supportive and positive. I got around much better through the whole day and was successful in experiencing less stomach cramps by eating a substantial meal when I took the Aleve.

By the end of the day things were getting a little achy and my night wasn’t as comfortable as the night before (except for less stomach cramping).

Saturday dawned and, although my pain was not all that intense, I still was a bit uncomfortable. Depression of my whole situation seemed to get a real foothold that morning because it was also kind of a mock-Thanksgiving for my family. I wasn’t comfortable dealing with pretending to be happy.

Over the past few years when things have gotten me down, I have been able to go for a run to help me cope. Meeting new people and getting together with some difficult personalities during the holidays can trigger some stress for me and now I can’t get my run on. I don’t even feel like I can sneak one in because I am still feeling pretty out of whack in my lower back and hips.

All of course this sets off my live-in-the-moment personality that I will NEVER be pain-free again nor run again. I figure even registering for my guaranteed NYC Marathon entry would be a wasted fee as it seems is the Celtic Solstice Five Miler is for me. It will be just a few days after my first PT so there is no way I can even jog it.

Realizing this crushed my spirit and that was pretty much the mood I was in going into a long day of visiting family and friends on Saturday. I was dressed in uncomfortable clothes that seemed to have become too tight over night. I had to deal with my antiquated sense of ethical order and was reflecting that on my wardrobe choices.

I was just miserable so I put on my most expensive ugly gold jewelry to remind me all day to be someone who I am not (#IamPat). I knew my mother-in-law would compliment my firey topaz necklace, amethyst earrings and diamond ring (all gifts from my sister whom my mother-in-law adores).

A day dedicated to feasting, friendship and family loomed ahead of me as a promise of fat, fakery and forced frivolity. I longed for a good trit-trot in the crisp morning air to clear the demons in my head.

Sunday was bitter cold and all of my confirmed fears of the day before had been realized. Jim headed off for a successful 5 miler and I sat around most of the day. My pain is definitely getting better and I can’t wait to work on getting back into form and running again.


4 thoughts on “Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, oh my.

  1. 1st ….I’m super sorry. I’m behind on reading your posts and I had no idea any of this was going on. 2nd….I wish I could just hop on over and give you a great big it’s going to be ok hug. You are super strong and I know you WILL get past this speed bump. I think the thing that got to me the most is when you said…” Over the past few years when things have gotten me down, I have been able to go for a run to help me cope. ” My heart is hurting for you to get your run on. I get it. Sending you a shit load of mother runner love from Maryland. And tons of get well soon vibes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you feel better and can make it to the 5 mile run. I’ve been looking forward to getting to see you in Dec. That alone has been making my hard days look good knowing I was going to be able to see you on your special day and see Karen. You have one awesome husband who loves you very much. That has got to make you feel on top of the world. Give you a shot out if there is anything I can do from across the miles. Happy Thanksgiving from AMR.

    • Thanks Freedom, We should be at the 5 miler and Jim will toe the line but I will probably not be back to running quite that much if at all. Not sure if time off running is making much difference and I am craving some pavement pounding for sure. Fellin’ the love tho! šŸ˜€ thanks gal!

  2. I can feel your pain through this post. I’m so sorry that it is persisting – keep on icing, and if you can stand it my PT suggested direct ice (not just the bag of peas) for as long as you can – past the point of pain and into the “I can’t feel my XXX any more”. I also know how hard it is to watch your spouse go out for their run and come back all sweaty and glowing and happy – it’s killing me to watch Tom train for the marathon we were supposed to run together in a few weeks. You have a long time until NYCM and a couple weeks of rest right now will help you be stronger in the long run. Hold strong. Remember the goal down the road. You can do it!

    • Thanks Jill. Things have been improving by tiny bits with the help of my son’s advice (pro-athlete/ballet dancer). The down time is a bummer but I am in it for the long haul.

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