Darcy or Wickham

As I try to take a bit of time off of running until I get my hip/back pain sorted out it will leave me cursing and grumbling every time I see someone getting their run on. Getting a good run in is never far from my mind.

Until I can write about actually running again, that leaves me with random things that are almost, not really, running related to share on this blog. A lot of folks really liked how my craft project (turning racing bibs into coasters) turned out so maybe I should start sewing a huge quilt of race bibs and old race t-shirts. Wait, I can’t really sew so that is out unless I can coax Amy to move in with us to help me.cameo

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 7.49.12 AMI save watching Pride & Prejudice for when I am actually ill. That leaves me with contemplating my navel… no that area is bound to expand over the holidays without running. Best to turn my gaze elsewhere.

Staring as my toes that are still battle worn from Ragnar relay over a month ago has me thinking now. The middle toenail is bound to come off and the big toenail is oddly discolored. The shape under it looks like an old cameo pin silhouette. Kinda like those in the case at Pemberley of Darcy and Wickham.

WAIT! It IS Darcy!! Mr. Darcy is on my big toe!! Oh hot damn! Who can I brag about this to? Um, probably no one, maybe other runners that might know who Darcy is and think he is hot. Heck, it’s probably really only Wickham anyway.Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 7.36.39 AM

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