Running Bib Coasters

Miles shows me the best way to stretch out.

Miles shows me the best way to stretch out.

I just had a laugh when I realized the name of our one cat is Miles and I am sharing his photo on our running blog. Miles was named before we were runners, I guess that is what gave me a chuckle.

When not gently stretching (I can’t quite master Miles’ stretch without pain yet) I finally got around to some projects I have been toying with. I am super happy the way this one turned out.

DSC04050Jim and I have SO many race bibs hanging on our bulletin board that I decided to use a few to decorate some ceramic coasters. I used all purpose spray adhesive on the back of the tyvek bibs and the top of the coasters and let them dry for about a minutes. I carefully lined up exactly the image I wanted to have displayed before adhering both sticky sides together.

After pressing and smoothing the bibs onto the coaster’s top surface, I turned them upside down and trimmed off the excess with an exacto blade. I love how they are more absorbent than the glossy coasters I was recycling and bring back great memories as I see them on my table.coasters


7 thoughts on “Running Bib Coasters

  1. Ok, that is super cool!!!! Love, love, love! You need to share this post on another mother runner for sure. You are so crafty.

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