Buidling Back a Base

Week 1/52 Recap

minimal strength/core
no x-training

A week ago I ventured out onto 1st Avenue and the NYC Marathon spread out in from of me as far as I could see to the left and to the right. The tableau that sticks in my mind is filled with colorful balloons in the foreground with runners in their equally chromatic running gear all across the roadway. Their faces are determined but excited as they had less than 8 miles to wrap up maybe the only time they would experience such an epic race. Maybe their determination was reflected from having been turned away by the hurricane disaster the year before. Maybe their excitement was because it was the first time they had ever been to the United States. They were unified at that moment with the same goal and I am trying to keep that moment alive in my heart for the next year.

Porcupine ball + My Piriformis = Frenemies

Porcupine ball + My Piriformis = Frenemies

I can’t say the past month of backing off of my running did my hip/ lower back any good. This week I have continued daily planks and a few other core exercises. What has made some difference (albeit only for brief recovery moments so far) is some torture with a 3″ porcupine ball for my piriformis. It really works on a trigger point there and I am thinking over time this is going to be really helpful.

After today’s LSR of 7 miles on the dirt road at Spring Creek Canyon, I felt about like I did a few weeks ago. No better, no worse. It took me a good mile and a half to warm up my hips in the blustery but temperate weather.

I was happy a huge fox squirrel ran across my path before the farthest retention ponds. This area is the only place I can think of in PA where I see them regularly. They are much more common in Ann Arbor and it gave me a smile to think of when I saw one in Min-Shih’s back yard much earlier this year. I remembered that he called them his puppies because he had so many start to be tame and come to him. This week it will be one year since he passed away; I am happy to remember the times we shared even if it was only online.

Today’s LSR would have landed me in Park Slope on 4th Ave. in Brooklyn if I were running the NYC Marathon. I would be headed for Prospect Heights. It’s fun to keep my focus on my big race in 51 weeks but I have to be aware that if I fail to make it there it sets me up for a big let down. For now, I am energized by that goal.

Jim has been healing his shin splints and I hope he write a log about 1. how he got them & 2. how he is recovering.

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