Down Time

Both Jim and I are nursing some injuries so have backed off of running some this month. It doesn’t help my outlook much during the waning daylight hours but we have both been busy with a lot of other less physical activities.

As poor Jim nurses shin splints I know I have to build back my core to balance out the lower back and hip problems I have had for a good portion of the year. We are looking at kind of punching the reset button on our running when November rolls around.

Until then, I am looking forward to volunteering for the NYC Marathon next week. I will help out inside the Javits Center for 6 hours next Friday. On that Sunday I will cheer some friends as they come up 1st Avenue running the big race. I hope that is the kick in the pants I need to start my year of building toward running it myself.

I didn’t get to share a LOT of great photos from Ragnar (many were taken by other team mates). I hope you enjoy the slideshow of some great memories from that epic event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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