Press On – Ragnar Prep

DSC03678_soxAs I write this post, let me share that I am wearing a new pair of compression socks from 110% Play Harder. I have been wearing the Flat Out Sox in between my training runs over the last 24 hours and they feel great. They also made recovery in between my first 2 runs speedy and successful. I was able to push harder than I thought I would on my midnight run last night and I attributed that to the recovery the socks helped provide. I dedicated my run to them!

I was given a size 3 to fit my calves. This was part of a generous package sent from Another Mother Runner as I am on one of their Ragnar DC teams. One of their partners, 110% Play Harder, hooked up all of the team members with a brand new styles of socks. The size 3 fits me in all ways except they are a bit too long (no surprise). I just ended up folding down the top band as I walked around in them.DSC03663_Leg18

Remember that night run I dedicated to my Flat Out Sox? It was in preparation for Leg 18 in the Ragnar DC relay which I am thinking I will run at night. That 3.5 miles leg goes up and over South Mountain with a total of 580 feet in elevation gain over the first 2.25 miles. At the very top, where the Appalachian Trail crosses it, it turns and descends over 400 feet down the other side to end up at South Mountain Creamery. I just had to see this section of the course in daylight.DSC03667_AT

A trip to the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD allowed us to go pretty near the section of the Ragnar course I would be running. We made a little detour to check out Leg 18 in the morning. The road is narrow and winding. Crossing up and over South Mountain is no joke but I have been training on a similar hill near our home. Seeing the steep crest made me realize I wanted to double the training I had been doing and logged an elevation gain of 600′ or more over my first 2.5 miles last night.DSC03670_reno

The top of the mountain had a lot of markers and memorials and is a big stop for those Civil War buffs touring through the area. Reno Monument Road is what I will be running on and it was nice to see the actual monument in the daylight. That and stopping to take a photo on the Appalachian Trail assures me that when I am running at night that I won’t be compelled to stop and take photos when I should be focused on running.

DSC03669_monumentJI wish I had the friendly pressure of my new socks to work their magic on that long day of riding in the car. We drove past the South Mountain Creamery before getting back onto the highway and making our way to the Small Press Expo.

The expo was overwhelming but we came away inspired by so many of the other artists and vendors. Jim stood in front of the cyan, magenta and yellow logo and I think made some comment about letter spacing. Maybe that was about a logo on a new shirt I got, I can’t remember now. We were totally geeked out by what digital presses can turn out on super small runs of books and comics. Many of them were hand bound in shockingly creative ways.DSC03675_SPXj

We walked the expo for over 4 hours, those socks would have been welcome then too, and we drove back home so I could prepare for my runs the next day. I took away so much information from this trip. The mountain road was steep but it didn’t go on forever. The printing of comics is diverse and only as good as the time you put into them. If I just keep working, pressing-on as it were, I will emerge victorious.


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