She’s Got Legs

Even with an inseam of just 25″ I still have 2 good legs. I actually just got 3 more; I know the legs I will be running in the Ragnar Relay DC. I will be runner #6, the last one to go in Van 1 of Team Sarah.

I will be running 3 different legs in the relay with the first being a 6 miler on rolling woodland roads. If that doesn’t sound like a typical Pennsyltucky run I don’t know what does! In October, I think this section is going to be very beautiful and it looks like it has some views out onto a valley of the Potomac River that separates Maryland from West Virginia. Leg 6 is labeled as “Hard” with an over all descent of over 1,000′ and overall elevation gain of 300′. It sounds like my dream run. This will wake up my muscles from riding in the van while my other 5 van mates take their turns. When I get to the end of my first run, at Exchange 6, it is a great place for a break and there are even showers at the campground there. Our van won’t have to hustle off because it is where Van 2 takes over for our team.

My next time to run will probably be about midnight and I am so excited for what Leg 18 has in store for me. I know it is only 3.5 miles long and labeled as “Moderate” but it has a kick@$$ hill that climbs 580′ over 2 sections and crosses the Appalachian Train as it crests South Mountain! Exchange 18 is a big ol’ party at a local creamery that is supposedly one of the highlights of the run! Not much for a vegan but I am excited for a good night run.

Terri  8My final run, Leg 30, will be a real challenge being over 1.5 miles longer than any of my other teammates’ final legs (in vans 1 & 2). The 8.6 miles twisting through residential areas and parks is labeled as “Very Hard.” I plan on carrying a map and directions so I don’t get lost. The fact that it goes through a pretty special place, Rock Creek Park, for me is what I hope will keep me legs pumping and heart light.

Terri  3Well before any of my teammates were born, I was living in this area with my parents. They both worked for the FBI before digital cameras, computers and flatbed scanner; Mom analyzed and categorized finger prints and Dad was a photographer. I was born in DC and until we moved back to Dad’s hometown in central PA we lived in that area. They would take me to Rock Creek Park for picnics and outings.

Terri  1We moved well before I can remember but what I have are these photos and stories of when we lived there. I know I will think of what it must have been like as a young couple with a toddler as I run my final hour plus in the Ragnar Relay. I get to run through Rock Creek Park before the course all but kisses the boarder of Washington DC as I make my final exchange in Chevy Chase Village. Van 1 will then be done and we will make our way to the finish line and join with our whole team to cross and celebrate.

One thought on “She’s Got Legs

  1. Love the photos!! You haven’t changed a bit!! 😀 Will be thinking of you and the Ragnar! Kim did this one in January (Miami to the Keys). We were going to do one this fall in Connecticut but with NYC we thought we would wait until next year 🙂 Good luck to you and your team mates!! Have fun…I know you will!!!

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