Night of Gandhi

Twenty-nine years ago last night, Jim and I stayed up all night talking and reconnecting after being friends in high school. He was part of a dinner party and evening of watching videos (we watched the movie Gandhi) that I had at my apartment. It marked the day we started dating.

We have celebrated it in many different way over the years. We have re-watched the movie, played the same board game (Trivial Pursuit) and this year I decided to make the same meal we all had that night.

Before starting to cook yesterday, I had a long run and decided to go about 14 miles on the Mt. Nittany Marathon route. Jim was kind and met me again where the course kisses at 8 & 13 miles. As he handed me some Nuun I saw he had drawn me a chalk message a few yards away. Leave it to Jim to find the perfect Gandhi quote to inspire the last half of my run. I made the best choice ever 29 years ago. Happy Night of Gandhi, Jim!NOG-29

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