Saucony Swag – Ragnar Prep

44372_10151583033726247_2143214170_nA few hiccups have come my way over the past month. I had some lower back pain that took a few weeks to deal with and I realized I will not be trained enough to run the full 26.2 for our local marathon. I think I will leave it on my Race Schedule because I may start it and go long but not finish it.

Meanwhile, I have been continuing to train for Ragnar Relay that is in a couple of months. Along with the entry fee, Another Mother Runner has given me a lot of great gear and products to try out.

DSC03412This week I tested all of the great gear from Saucony! The Saucony Women’s Mirage 3 shoes are a lot lighter weight than even my lightest trainers (Brooks Ghost 5) and at 7.5 ounces are a full 2 ounces lighter than my regular distance trainer (Brooks Defyance 6). Feather light and lower profile are great but my favorite detail about the Mirage 3s is the support structure on the uppers. The FlexFilm eliminates all of those layers and clunky seams that inevitably plant themselves right on my bunion area. The soft but firm support makes these shoes a pleasure for walking and running. I like them best for short to middle distances and speed-work on the track because they were getting a bit slick with wear after 20 miles of road running.

SauconySwagJust before entering the Ultimate Mother Runner Showdown contest, I had my named picked in a drawing and won a Saucony Dainty Dazzler sports bra. I wore that today but am not showing it in my photos. It provides excellent support and, unlike my Danskin bras, have nice adjustable straps. I suggest carefully following the sizing recommendations on the website, I never would have thought a Medium but it is a perfect fit.

In my photo before my track workout this morning are the Saucony Women’s Kinvara Short Sleeve and Saucony Women’s Ignite Tight Capri as well as the Saucony Women’s Mirage 3 shoes. I really like the cut of the shirt and it wicked the sweat away that wasn’t absorbed by the lightly padded Saucony Dainty Dazzler sports bra (I am not used to any padding.) The tights have a nice sized storage pocket in the back for my lip balms and terrific drawstring waist. The 16.5″ inseam is long for a capri but I have extremely short legs.

My short legs are actually why my shoes wear out so much faster than everyone else I know. I run 20 – 40 miles a week so it isn’t like I am some ultra-runner. It’s is because I have to take so many more quick little steps to cover a mile than runners who are over 5 foot tall. No complaints other than needing to buy new shoes more often that I feel I should. The great swag from Saucony and Another Mother Runner are helping that problem out tremendously!


3 thoughts on “Saucony Swag – Ragnar Prep

  1. LOVE My Saucony Kinvara 4’s!!!! Feet feel great after 20 miles and no shin splints! I have the same problem as you going through running shoes quicker because of my short legs!! Hope you get your groove back soon my friend! Can’t wait to see you at the Expo in NYC in November! Sending healing thoughts your way!! Good luck with Ragnar!!

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