Sof Sole – Ragnar Relay Prep

31uGqqpQEpL._SS100_In 2011 I did a lot of looking around for anything that might be helpful as I recovered from plantar fasciitis and the heal spur it created. Along with the Physical Therapy, I believe Sof Sole Athlete Insoles were quite helpful. They provided a lot of cushioning for a medium arch. It was just what I needed and I still enjoy them in my walking sneakers.SofSoleArch

Ballet dancers will probably cringe at the photo of my pointed foot- HA! After years of rolling out my arches, more so my right one, I would say my arch height is medium to high. My right arch would be in the high category and the left in medium/high. I always wondered if I should be choosing a higher arch for my insoles and finally had a chance to try the Sof Sole Fit with the High Arch option.

SofSoleCutWhen they arrived I was shocked to see that the women’s size 7 – 8 had been sent. I wear a street shoe size of 5 1/2 but my running show size is 6 1/2. Of course the 7 – 8 would be the correct choice, I had forgotten how you can trim down the insole to match the ones they are replacing. I used a silver marker on the black sole to see where to cut and followed the directions to totally loosen the laces up before putting them on and retying them. It is hard for me to do anything in my house without cat supervision, Mooch helped me out.

I rotate my Brooks Defyance and had just retired a pair. This was a perfect time to try the Sof Sole Fit on a run and then slip them into the retired pair to also walk with them. Letting the laces out the whole way really is important because the Sof Sole Fit do take up more room in the shoe.SofSoleLace

The hour run went really well. I had worried about my left foot not being happy with them since that arch isn’t as high but both feet felt like they were getting a pleasant hug the whole way. Twenty minutes into my run I forgot they were there and that I was supposed to be making mental notes on how they felt. I can say they didn’t change my gait much if at all because they are flexible enough to allow me to pronate (I can tend to under pronate). They were a little more slick I noticed when I would flex my toes a bit. They caused no problems like a blister from running differently, even on a super hot morning.

I have to say walking around in them for a day was about the same as the run. They felt pretty darn good and I feel fortunate to be able to share what I have experienced with this swell product.


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