SkinFare – Ragnar Relay Prep

For those who know that we are vegan please take a moment to read some philosophical guidelines that No Meat Athlete Matt Frazier follows. He makes some really thoughtful points about being a Vegan Navigating in a Non-Vegan World and it is in this spirit I review the impressive SkinFare Apothecary Prime products I was given.

It has been a steamy summer here in Pennsyltucky. The past few years have gotten warm but had also been pretty dry by mid summer. This year I am just wilting in the humid heat but my garden is very happy. My basil plants are full of delicate aromatic leaves. The wild chamomile that grows along the curb is lush, prolific and gives a wonderful fragrance if I accidentally brush it when I run by.

Those gifts of the garden are some of the very things that SkinFare has infused in their organic personal care products. That is exciting by itself but the care the company has taken in designing 100% biodegradable packaging that has been made in the USA makes SkinFare a company that everyone should know about and support.SkinFareApo

I received a gift of SkinFare Apothecary Prime in the mail yesterday. It sat in my oven-like mailbox in the mid-July heat yesterday as the outside temperature peaked at 90°. I gingerly opened the package expecting the product to be ruined and melted. The .8 oz stick of Coconut oil, Palm Fruit oil, Beeswax and Caster oil was safely in its cardboard tube. I broke the seal and, although it was very soft, it had not shifted or melted to the side at all! I realized that this product had been well-tested. Even if you would leave it all day in your hot car, if you tap the stick back into its package as directed after use, you would not return to a mess. That impressed me before I had even had a chance to use it.

The next thing that struck me was the pleasing blend of essential oils, all organic, in the Apothecary Prime blend. I started thinking Simon and Garfunkel’s Scarborough Fair when I read sage and thyme. Then I read that chamomile blessed this product too. No wonder it felt like I needed to put it on and take it outside for a run past the curb.SkinFareApply

This morning, I gave it the acid test for chafe prevention. I put it on my areas that are most prone to chub rub and headed out when it was 75° with 81% humidity. I knew that I would be sweating after a mile and today called for 5 total.

I am super scent sensitive and I was concerned the botanical essential oils might be overpowering when the temperature increased. They were mellow enough to not irritate, nauseate nor distract me. By mile 4 I was sweating enough to be mistaken for the headwaters of the Great Salt Lake but wasn’t feeling and chafing starting. After my run I was still chafe free and in the shower I could tell a light layer of SkinFare was still in place.

JimNipMaybe if we had SkinFare in the house a couple of weeks ago Jim wouldn’t have been initiated into the bloody nipple club after his 10 mile run. By the way, he says the SkinFare Apothecary Prime doesn’t sting that sensitive area at all. The oils are all very soothing.

When I choose to shellac myself with petroleum-based products that have packaging that will forever be bulk in a landfill I am not doing myself nor the planet any good. Though not strictly vegan (beeswax), I think SkinFare should be in every medicine cabinet, drugs store, night stand, baby changing table and runner’s bag.


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