PR to DNF and Great Stuff in Between

DSC03091_smJune had a thrilling start for me when I visited NYC to run the Oakley Womens’ Mini for the 4th time and be treated to watching a ballet backstage at the Met Opera stage in Lincoln Center. The race started at a low temp and I was able to PR with my very first sub 9MM 10k (8:58).

UMRS_badge_smEven though I was exhausted, it was hard to sleep that night because I knew the winners to the Ultimate Mother Runner Showdown contest were scheduled to be announced the next day. I was up in the middle of the night and decided to check and saw that 12 winners had been announced for Team Dimity and I was not among them. This was a little disappointing but I could see how all of the entries were so high class that they really deserved their spots on the team. I was just sad not to be amongst them.

I planned a little recovery run for the next day as well as started packing to go back to NYC. We were being joined by my parents to return to see Arron in another soloist role with American Ballet Theatre. This time he was cast in Romeo and Juliet in the bravura role of Mercutio! Mom got us 4 terrific tickets and we had plans to leave early enough to take in a nice meal before the evening performance.

Luis (Benvolio), Roman (Tybalt), Arron (Mercutio)

Luis (Benvolio), Roman (Tybalt), Arron (Mercutio)

That midnight had me peeping online to see if I had made Team Sarah and I actually woke Jim up when I saw that I had! I spent the next hour looking at all of the great women who were chosen to be on the same team. There were so many creative entries, I was in awe.

The week just got better. Arron’s performance was so wonderful and he landed many supportive reviews. We had a chance to briefly visit with him before returning the next morning.

Cicada on a Stick

Cicada on a Stick

Jim reviewed the Color Me RAD run we did together and soon after that we went letterboxing with our good friend Jan. The woods near Harrisburg were filled with the buzzing of cicadas from dawn until we wrapped up our hiking at noon. It was so loud that it sounded like we were in a science fiction movie. The shells littered the ground that was pocked with holes from which they had emerged and the live critters were crawling everywhere!
Letterboxing with Jan

Letterboxing with Jan

Since the 10k, my runs have been going ok. I wilt in the heat and many things like trips to the city have had me juggling my training schedule a little bit. Cross training has suffered the most but the worst was this past weekend.

The very day before the races, we got a wild hair up our butts to do the Peace Love Run 5k (Jim) and half marathon (me). I was scheduled for about 10 miles and I was itching to do a few more. This mean getting up at 0MG:00, swerving to miss raccoons and what we think was a grimm, and running much later than we are used to without planning well. At 7:30, it was already 75° but I was happy enough with my pace that I gave Jim a big kiss as the half marathon course looped back around to where the 5k runners waited to start at 8:00.

Next came two 5 mile laps around a very pretty lake. Mile 3.5 had me smiling at a woodpecker hammering on a tree but mile 4 – 5 was in the broad open sun. The water stations were having a hard time keeping up with demand and it made me wonder if they had planned to have enough water for the second lap. I know it was the beginning of my mind trying to talk me into quitting.

The miles were not marked but I have a playlist that I rarely change until it is well into 2 hours of the songs. When I hear certain songs, it is like looking at my watch because I know just how much time has passed. When I heard the song that I typically associate with mile 6, I thought, “That can’t be right!” My feet were starting to get pre-blister hot spots so I had to be father along than that. I looked at my watch and sure enough, it was only a bit over an hour and I knew I had been running about a 10MM.

Jimmy the Eye nabs 3rd in his AG at the Peace Love Run 5k

Jimmy the Eye nabs 3rd in his AG at the Peace Love Run 5k

The tipping point for me was the fact that we would be passing by the finish line before starting the last lap. I knew Jim would have completed his 5k and I was oh-so-done with the heat. This race had been on a whim and I wasn’t about to sacrifice weeks of training just to finish. I saw Jim, told him to meet me at the finish line and doubled back to have them cut the timing chip from my shoe. They were all very kind and concerned asking me if I was all right. I answered, “Yes, that’s why I am stopping. I wouldn’t be all right if I kept going.”

It has been a hard couple of days letting my first DNF sink in but my easy run this morning went pretty well. It is great to look back at the day and remember Jim’s AG award and the pretty park. I will also remember the price of not planning well for a late summer race.

June has been a full month with travel, races, friends, paces, awards and honors. I have used any down time for gardening and refining comic art since I have no modeling this summer. Less is planned for July until the latter part when we look forward to Arron visiting for a while. I hope to be able to blog a few updates along the way.

Nothing beats standing with your parents at Lincoln Center. I look normal height with them!

Nothing beats standing with your parents at Lincoln Center. I look normal height with them!

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