Waiting for the Asparagus

heroLook at the supportive things Jim does for me. I woke up to this message on our bathroom mirror the morning of the lottery drawing for this year’s New York City Marathon.

It was a decisive lottery for me this year since I had been denied the last 2 times I entered. I am in the last cycle of what I like to think of at the St. Peter’s Rule, NYC Marathon applicants gain automatic entry if denied 3 times from their lottery. That is, of course if they don’t gain entry any other way (running for a charity or qualifying). In 2011 and 2012 I had entered the lottery and been denied.

In 2011, I was crushed. Never mind I was pretty seriously injured, I really wanted NYC Marathon to be my first. In retrospect it was a good thing I didn’t get in. I am glad I didn’t have to just hobble to the end – I might never have run again.

In 2012 I was training for a marathon no matter what so was a little more matter of fact about my rejection. I just shifted my sights to the Wineglass Marathon and had a great experience. After I finished, I had doubts of ever wanting to run a full marathon again – it was HARD! I knew that I would still probably enter the lottery for 2013 because NYRR announce that year they were eliminating the St. Peter’s Rule with the last group of applicants being in my cycle (denied 2011 & 2012).

This year I was ready to be accepted but knew that I would gain automatic entry into the 2014 NYC Marathon if I didn’t. My friend Rosalie and her daughter were also in my situation. I thought it would be great if we could all run it together. The day of the lottery drawing we promised to contact each other if we gained entry via the lottery. The next day I learned she did not get in but her daughter did.

I felt odds were especially slim this year since the 2012 NYC Marathon had to be cancelled at the last moment when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast. NYRR offered many options to those runners who had gained entry for that year (refund, entry into 2013 or 2014 or 2015). That would account for many applications being taken up by runners from 2012 who opted to run it this year. I wasn’t optimistic but the day dragged on as social media had lottery applicants tweeting that their credit cards were being debited even before they got confirmation emails. Thank you NYRRs for whipping me into a frenzy for the third year in a row. I obsessively checked my email and online banking until I crashed in bed sometime after 9PM still without certain knowledge of my applicant status.IMG_1328

Just after 10PM, I heard my email inbox alert noise and I groped for my iTouch. “DENIED!” I blurted out loud enough to wake Jim. I flopped back onto the bed and found it a bit humorous that I was lying in a crucified position after I had been denied 3 times. I then fell into a deep sleep with the knowledge that I would be accepted into the 2014 ING NYC Marathon. I hope my friend and I can run it together.

So what does this all have to do with asparagus, one might wonder. It was in 2011, the year I first applied for the NYC Marathon, which we first planted our asparagus. It is recommended that you wait 3 years before harvesting newly planted asparagus or it might drastically reduce yield as well as quality of the crop. As my daughter-in-law points out, I shall run the NYC Marathon the year the asparagus are ready. I have planted the seed, put in the work and am trying to wait patiently until 2014.


4 thoughts on “Waiting for the Asparagus

  1. My friend/blogger buddy Vic is running this year, after three years of rejection so I understand the feelings that come along with the wait – though not personally. I’m imagining that when you finally DO get to run NYC next year, it’s going to be absolutely amazing.

    • Oh yay for Vic!! I may go to cheer my fiend’s daughter on this year. My son and daughter-in-law live on Manhattan and I would be excited to stand along 1st Ave on that special day this November.

  2. Love reading your blogs! You are one lucky lady to have such a supportive husband ;). Can’t wait to have you there to help cheer my daughter Kim on! You are amazing and I am so thankful our paths crossed!
    Btw…I love asparagus!!

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