Stepping over the Wall

If January was recovery from a bit of Achilles tendonitis, February was all about getting over myself. The whole month felt like a huge barrier and many of my runs felt sluggish. I looked back and last February was kind of like that for me too. I am not sure Jim was feeling the same way because his progress in training seemed to be coming along just fine. I found myself frustrated with my lack of progress and spiralled into a bit of apathy.

Both of our birthdays fell within a month of each other. The sweet treats and less motivation for regular core work had my midsection showing a definite increase. The one race for which we were training will not happen because it turns out we have a significant conflict. DSC02846_sm

The end of February came and I took a look at my attitude at my obstacles. I could either keep slogging along half heartedly or make some effort to find another motivating race and step up my training again. I am choosing to climb over that wall I have been hitting and see what is on the other side.

I have yet to find another race to replace the Capital 10-miler but the new gear for my birthday (which includes some lighter weight Brooks Ghosts from my parents) have been a real incentive to get moving. The tights are a lil snug around the midsection but I know that will change soon if I keep a regular schedule of core work along with my running.

March is brighter, literally with its increased daylight. I look forward to getting out of the fog of Febraury and running with Jim through Springtime. Arron and Amy have also planned visits for this next month so that is something more to look forward to. Currently, Arron’s company is touring China and he is in Beijing today. Yesterday he visited the Great Wall (his second time to see it). Looks like he too is comfortable with climbing walls and exploring. I am pleased for us both.IMG_2006_sm

2 thoughts on “Stepping over the Wall

  1. February is a month just made for funks. March will make you feel brighter, and in your cool new pants (I’m jealous!) you’ll be back to running with joy in no time!

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