More Miles than Degrees Club

I am not a member… yet, but I am now excited to have another option for those January days that dawn in the single digits.

Today was one of those and the wind was very steady. I have no idea what the wind chill must have been, below 0° I am certain. I decided to take a trip to the Penn State indoor track to see if they had yet implemented the new rules of needing Penn State ID to use the facilities.
I chose a day where I hadn’t really planned on running because, even though I have an ID, my ID WAS quite outdated. Each door of the facility greeted me with the sign to the right. Upon entering I waited until someone greeted me at the desk outside the track to see if my old ID would suffice.

As I waited, just after 8am, I watched the PSU field hockey team training with some speed work. Soon a man called down to me from the second floor and I asked him if the track was available. He asked if I had a Penn State ID and I told him I did. He said they were just spot checking, there was no swipe system set up and I could just go on in as long as I stayed to the outer lanes.IMG_1081

I didn’t even have to get my old ID out of my pocket. I went in and, using the stagger chart broken down by our local running club, ran a warm up mile in the outer lane. Running a series of Yassos 800s was a little trickier since I wanted to time them. Being a 200 meter track it sounds easy but in the outer lane, occasionally needing to dodge people who were walking, it was more like 3.5 laps rather than 4.

My first set I may have measured incorrectly but I am pretty certain for my last 3. I ran 4:03, 4:11, 4:10, and 4:07. I didn’t quite run 400 meters as cool downs so my total mileage was under 5 miles. I was pretty happy at this pace and even happier to have scored some time at the indoor track. I may even return tomorrow.IMG_1080


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