3rd Run-iversary

snowrun2013Winter can be such in introspective time for me. I was born in the winter and raised in central Pennsylvania where the winters have a stronghold for at least a couple of months.

It is no wonder that it was in winter, 3 years ago yesterday, I decided to do something for myself and try a new fitness regime. It happened to be a Couch to 5k program that I thought sounded like an easy thing to do. I discovered that it was no easy task to keep jogging for a minute straight and my cocky, “I used to run,” self learned to respect the walk/run program.

No music, no running shoes, a watch I bought at Walmart for $7 and set of warm-up pants for $10 saw me through probably the first couple of months. Although I still use that watch and warm-ups, my parents bought me a good pair of running shoes for my birthday. Jim decided to try out the same training program about a month behind me and we were both pleased with how it was set up. Check out Long & Winding Road to read how those first months went leading up to my very first race. Jim’s first race recap can be read at Jimmy the Eye is on the Run.

Not every winter has blessed us with beautiful snow as is evident on My Runniversary. I also didn’t meet my goal of 1,000 miles as I hoped that year because I was suffering from plantar fasciitis. Indeed, 2011 was a difficult year as I had to defer my registration for the Wineglass Marathon as I healed and built back from that injury.

2012 started off in a hopeful way as I continued to recover from plantar fasciitis and actually gained speed after having some time off. A failed annual run-iversary tradition, I was dressed improperly last year and was too cold to run to the horses and back. Early last year I waited to find that I was not chosen through the lottery for the 2012 NYC Marathon (thank goodness as it turns out) and started training for the Wineglass Marathon whose registration had deferred. That was a big victory and first for me, I completed the Wineglass Marathon in 4:34:54. I also ended the year with about 1, 040 miles logged.

Here I am, 3 years after starting that difficult C25K in the snow and still running. I dressed warmly enough yesterday and made the traditional run out to the horses and back (about a 5 miler). I don’t have many firm goals for the year and that makes me a little crazy. I will probably enter the NYC Marathon lottery since I am the last year to be phased out the the 3 times refused and automatic entry in the fourth year. If I am refused this year, I might consider signing up for the inaugural Mt. Nittany Marathon since it is local and I am really familiar with most of the course. Other than that, I am hoping to run the Capital 10-miler again since I am streaking that race. Honestly, I am just glad that running stuck and I am feeling pretty good at 50 years old.

5 thoughts on “3rd Run-iversary

  1. Excellent photo! I’ve heard the Wineglass is a fast and fun race. I love the Finger Lakes area and have thought about running it before. Congrats on your progress!

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