Some Days You’re the Shark

Some Days You’re the Shark
I have mentioned a motivation we have while running races (Nittany Valley Half and Red Baron Half) how you can reel in your shark, being a like a sucker fish remora. This past weekend, Jimmy-the eye and I learned that we had been sharks!RudolphRomp2

We had reason to travel to Carlisle this past weekend and scoped out a festive race to participate in. We chose the Rudolph’s Romp 5k in Middletown. It was a fast course that had quite a few turns in it so I never expected to PR again at 25:33. That busted my best by over a minute! Jim came in 12 seconds before me so we were able to both see each other cross the finish line.

I scoped the finishers and saw I came in before any other women my age or older. Excitedly, Jim hustled to the car to get the camera in case I received an award after all of the runners were in. Just as I was walking away from the ordered list of finishers, I was approached by a tall and slender woman who said she had been trying to catch me, congratulated me on my finish and asked my time. I realized she must be in my age group, asked her time (20 seconds after me) and told her than any other day she would have caught me. I also told her that it was an honor to have her say that to me. I had been her shark!

Jim must have been held up getting the camera so I found him chatting with a fellow parked near our car. This turned out to be Jim’s remora who cheerfully accosted him with, “How old are you!?” Jim and I had passed him right in the final 1/2 mile and he was worried that Jim was in the 70+ group and then felt that he should just pretty much give up if he, “… was being passed by a woman in a skirt.” HA! The life of a shark is a new one for us.

goodbye running streakRudolphRomp1

My running streak (#RWRunStReak) paid the price for my speedy race. I felt my left achilles starting to get pretty sore near the end of the race. By the end of the day, I could tell I was hurt more than superficially. The next morning(s) confirmed it, I only ran about a mile each time but could tell that the recovery I had gained overnight wasn’t enough to start running again the next morning. I could probably heal very slowly and keep the streak alive but I think a day or so off will expedite the process and I can enjoy a night run to see the holiday lights more easily.

This morning was the first time in a month I haven’t run at least a mile. It feels odd since I had gotten into the habit but I can tell my leg will heal much more quickly this way. It is less sore than tight even now. The streak did teach me that I might be able to add a day of running the next time I am training for a specific race. Instead of believing that I absolutely need a day off in between every run day, I now know that I can have a low mileage/intensity day added in as long s I am not nursing an injury.

Poe’s Nevermore Half Marathon®

I shared how my imagination can wander during longer runs and how I created a local race called Poe’s Nevermore Half Marathon®. I was planning how the Boy Scout Camp could accommodate runners near the start line, exactly where there would be water stops and aid stations and how the toilets at Poe Paddy State Park are conveniently placed for the finish. I was even toying with the design of the finisher’s medal and how it should probably be near Hallowe’en, maybe even at night. Thus my mind wanders as I run.Nevermore_sm

Last week, Jim sent me a couple of images via email and my first thought was, “Darn! Someone beat me to it!” It was a logo for a race so much like mine that I knew I could never use the name without seeming like a blatant copy-cat. Jim then took the super cool design and used Photoshop to put it on my hat and shirt and made it look like I was finishing my planned course at Poe Paddy. The man is a wiz with Photoshop and it was very cute of him to make it look like it was my own.

It was then I realized that it was NOT an existing race, Jim had created the whole logo just for me! I love how he does things like that to thrill me and make me laugh. He really got me that time and I love it!

Who wants to do this race and get a shirt like that!?NevermoreShirt_OL_sm


13 thoughts on “Some Days You’re the Shark

  1. da DA.. da Da.. daDAdaDAdaDAdaDA (that’s supposed to be the Jaws theme). Go you SHARKS you!!! I have never really heard that term used that way before but it makes perfect sense. I have been a remora but I have no idea if I have ever been anyone’s shark. I doubt it because I’m a middle of the pack runner.

    And I LOVE the shirt! I’ll be in your race anytime!

  2. Wow, that’s the first I’ve heard of being a shark…how cool! 🙂 Hoping you heal quickly and what a fantastic guy you have there! I would love to be a part of your Poe race somehow…though I’m still working on running a 5K 😉 I was just reading up on Poe yesterday, funny!

    • Well, we are normally remoras trying to reel in our sharks so this was new for us too!

      Jim’s logo makes the race look swell, I agree. It really is my favorite 13.1 mile run!

  3. Good for you! I’m much more the guppy rather than the shark. But, I really do need to start running in the races again. It has been soooooooooo long since I ran in one. It’s easy enough to do. It seems like there’s a 5K every weekend within an hour’s drive from anywhere.

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