12.12 on 12/12/12

I wish I had planned things a little better or realized the fun date earlier than the day before. If I had, I certainly wouldn’t have run 13.1 a couple of days prior to today. If I had, I might not be quite as exhausted as I am now and I wouldn’t be walking around like a zombie as I deliver a few Pennsyltucky Veggie Awards in downtown State College.

I knew it would be a challenge, just as the 27 day running streak has been. My top priority has been to abandon any of the fun and games if even the first hint of overuse injury stets in. So far, so good but tomorrow is going to be about a mile and really low key, like Monday was.

I didn’t push the pace at all today, just getting the miles in was the name of the game. To keep my mind in a good place, I decided to think of 12 things I was really grateful for when it came to the run. I knew it would be long and hard and I wanted to stay in a good frame of mind and not get frustrated. I started to think of things and immediately knew I would forget them if I didn’t have a strategy for remembering. I decided to stay within the first 12 letters of the alphabet to stick with the theme of 12 since I thought of so many things (more than 12) I am grateful for.

Trevor Spencer, me, Jim and Angie Spencer of Marathon Training Academy

Trevor Spencer, me, Jim and Angie Spencer of Marathon Training Academy

1. Angie Spencer (my coach) of Marathon Training Academy, Angie’s voice comes to me on long and short runs. No, I am not channeling her, per se, but remembering all of the great advice and knowledge she has compiled and shared on her pod cast and Website. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the female mileage update voice on my Nike+ iPod reminds me of her voice. When I hear it, I always say, “Thank you Angie.” I gained a lot through my membership to MTA.

Abacus-free calculating, As I mentioned on Not Now, I’m Doing Math, I am constantly doing math and crunching numbers to compare lengths of routes and paces. I just love links like Pace Calculator or Map My Run to save me from constantly having to do my own math when planning routes or comparing runs.

4612830-bike-trail-in-colorado-from-windsor-to-greeley-along-poudre-river-in-typical-winter-conditions-with-2. Bike paths, You gotta love long stretches of decent grade and pavement that aren’t traveled by motorized vehicles. I must try to disregard the crime that occurred today while I was blogging, it is rare to have anything like this happen on our local bike paths.

Bikers filled with Bonhomie, Usually folks on bikes won’t wave nor acknowledge me. I can understand to a point, having biked for years, but a word doesn’t take any hands off of the handlebars. The bike commuters this morning were bundled up, scarves and all. A group of three this morning not only smiled but wished me a “Happy Wednesday.” I had to wonder if they were clued in to the specialness of my run.

3. Clear skies, In this case a nice view of the mountain range to the north, AKA the Gatesburg Ridge.

IMG_41914. Dogs on leashes, I know I have told many folks that I am like a dog magnet. They tend to run at me and, at 4’10”, they tend to knock me over.

5. Egrets, I didn’t see one today but I always hope to as I run along Millbrook Marsh.

6. Fresh air and fresh legs, My legs were not fresh but the 38° felt just fine in the late Autumn sun.

tunez7. Good tunes, I apologize to anyone overhearing my playlist (I don’t wear ear budz because they sweat out and safety concerns.) I rarely change my playlist so I know just how long I have been into a run. It is kind of like a security blanket, knowing each tune coming up, but it is also fun to have holiday tunes for shorter runs.

8. Hammer Nutrition, Yum and oooooooo! Proper fuel for each step of my long run and absolutely delicious. No belly aches, no bonking and building glycogen stores to encourage the bod to know how to be ready for future runs.

9. Imagination, Oh my, does my mind wander! I scheme and plot and plan and create. On this run, I had a 12 days of Christmas-type give away planned with the final day being an automatic entry into my thus to be organized Poe’s Nevermore Half Marathon ®. I also came up with multiple layered street art, my own flavors of gum, running nutrition packs and steps toward world peace. Every run is fresh when hanging icicles from twigs turn into ice bats and contrails become codes in the sky.

10. Jiggle control, I hate chaffing and everything that can hold in the jiggly bits is much appreciated.

TrackField-form-when-running-hills-in-a-race-233x35011. Klimbs, okok, “climbs” but I love hills. I love the up, I love the down. Flat is boring and wears on my joints and patience.

12. Love, I don’t know how many miles I spend thinking of the loves of my life. Jim probably takes up 85% of all thoughts that I ever have on a run and the rest of my family takes up another 10%. I love them and their support. They say “All you need is love,” and I think that is pretty much true.

9 thoughts on “12.12 on 12/12/12

  1. What a wonderful day you had. I love the number 12. It is wonderful to have family support. I have a best friend support when I’m running. Those klimbs you were talking about seem to kill my legs the next day. Ouch ouch.

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  3. I love this idea. Maybe rather than get angry next time I do a long run, I should start to contemplate what I’m grateful for and bring more positive energy to the experience. Shift the mood. Although letting out emotions during a run is always a good thing, I think 🙂

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