Missing Snow

When I looked at the thermometer this morning and saw 22° I cringed and was shocked that I had turned into a real wimp. I wondered why I wasn’t as enthusiastic to run in the frigid weather as I had been a couple of years ago and read back over a couple of my posts to remind me. I saw that I was out there putting in the miles on 16° and 17° mornings and coming away with a full heart and smile on my face. The difference wasn’t that it was easier to bare the cold, I then had a little snow on the ground to kick through.

December 2010 allowed me to find the wonder of tracks in the snow (Thoughts from the Road #1209 – Making Tracks) whether it was following high healed boots to a bus stop, cat paws making a straight line or bear tracks. I loved my snowy run so much that I took Jim back the same route a couple of days later (Thoughts from the Road #1211 – Back Tracking) and we saw even more winter wonders.contrails

It was then realized that I was missing some snow. How timely it was that my son sent me this great link to some beautiful snowflakes. It reminded me that sometimes you have to look very closely to see the beauty in the smallest things.

On my run this morning, I enjoyed the wispy contrails in the cold blue sky. No big epiphanies today, just the reminder that smaller things help to make up the big picture. My #RWRunStreak day 21 is intact by adding 1.2 miles to the ever increasing pile of miles for this holiday season. They are like a couple of little snow flakes in a big winter of drifts, each being beautiful in their own way.


8 thoughts on “Missing Snow

  1. Nice to see my blog on your list of “Classy blogs” – not sure if I fit the definition, but it’s a nice thought that I perhaps I might… 🙂
    Way to go on your 21 day streak!

  2. This was a beautful post and it made me smile 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day and helping me with my marathon fuelling problem, it was much appreciated!

  3. I miss snow too 😦 I am from Connecticut and live in Florida now. I love Florida, don’t get me wrong, but I do miss New England in the fall, and when I see pictures of fresh snow. My boyfriend has never seen snow (he’s from Miami), so he doesn’t get it.

    And since I only starting running a year ago, I have never run in it. I’d probably slip and hurt myself, lol. I ran yesterday morning and it was in the 60s — perfect!

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