Keeping it Fresh all Winter

No, we aren’t talking about veggies or any vegan recipes this time. This is all about keeping our mojo during the darkest months of the year. Winter days are short and with the demands of the holidays it is really easy to let your running mileage base slide.

You can find loads of online resources for smart winter running and keeping motivated through the holidays but let me add a couple of thoughts that we had of after a really cool run I had this week.

Blend in an Existing Hobby

Jim and I love Letterboxing and Geocaching and when a new clue came up on a Letterboxing Website this morning, I decided to run to find it – literally run. It was one of the coolest 5 miles I had done in a long time.

Both of these hobbies involve a bit of adventure like a scavenger hunt. Geocaching requires the use of a GPS (hand-held for running) but Letterboxing requires clues. Other than a couple of other things that can easily fit into a SpiBelt, you can search the Websites, check out some that are local to you and maybe even ones that you run by every day!

Take on a Project

Winterize an old pair of running shoes by adding studs or make some gaters to keep the snow out of your shoes.

Start a New Tradition

Maybe you dare yourself to run through the stroke of midnight or log your most miles of the year on the shortest day of the year; it is fun to have a tradition to look forward to. If you are a loner, make this a time that you go on at least one group run or start an annual group run. If you always run with pals, set aside an annual run that focuses on introspection where you privately give thanks.

Winter Races

Sign up for a local winter race like a Turkey Trot, Sleigh Bell Run or Resolution 5k.

Holiday Lights Run

I don’t know about you but when I was a kid, it was a big deal to drive around to see how people had decorated their houses with lights and statues for the winter holidays. A couple of years ago, we joined in a group run to tour a local Victorian town to see the holiday lights that decorated the mansions. Last year we were itchy for a run after a crazy long car trip stuck in holiday traffic and decided we would grab our headlamps and run through our local neighborhoods to see the lights. It sure saves on gas to see the lights this way!

Take the Road Less Traveled
If you are always goal oriented as you run a circuit, take some time to look what you have been passing by. Take a turn through that park that you run on the edge of. Slow down and navigate through that big old cemetery’s looping roads before you get back on your main route. I did today and when I made it to the top I found a huge mausoleum broadcasting some recorded music. It made for a really memorable run.


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