Braving the Storm

Today was one of those days that we dread because so many worms were flooded out of the ground they should be nestled in. It is because of how were dodge critters on our runs that inspired the name of this blog. We don’t want to harm any living creatures and today found me doing what felt like hop-scotch as I swerved and leapt over any worms in my path.

Hurricane Sandy added some drama and challenges to this week. Today, my run was in the dregs of the storm. Yesterday forced Jim to resort to 4.5 miles on the treadmill. The day before, I grabbed a rain free window of 2 hours to run the local Dry Valley Half Marathon.

Make that 2 hours, 5 minutes and 17 seconds – a personal best for any half marathon I have run by. I bettered my time by 1:39 and course time by almost 20 minutes. I was in the area to visit my dad in the hospital and help the folks get things out of their basement in case they got some flooding. A few changes in plans happened; Dad got out of the hospital and Jim was the only helper since I was pretty tired after the race. I was glad to give my medal to Dad since he was the one who first coached me in running when I was a kid. I ran the race in his honor and hung the medal on his neck as a welcome home. We are glad he is out of the hospital, recovering at home and the hurricane seems to have spared us all and water and wind damages.

One final thing to note is that I was not so exhausted at the end of the race that I remembered to finally strike a finish line pose I had been meaning to do (see image to the right). Jim caught it perfectly on our camera. To understand the Freddie Mercury Rage Pose, go to the link and read the history. I just love how a simple pose can say so much and it totally summed up how I felt as I finished this race.


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