NYRR Women’s Mini 2011

My results are officially posted here.

In a lot of pain and pretty disappointed that my time wasn’t any faster, I muster a tearful smile for the camera with my finisher’s medal.

Finally, a series of photos for sale on Bright Room photo services. Are any worth purchasing?

If I were to disappear tomorrow, I would hope that everyone remembered me this way.

4 thoughts on “NYRR Women’s Mini 2011

  1. I like the second photograph of you running and smiling. If you want a picture of you finishing the race then I like the second one where youre in front and you see the time.

    I`m sorry your time wasnt what you hoped, but some days are better than others and we cant PR every race. But you racd, you were in good health, and bopefully you had fun. Thats what counts!

    • Actually, I was in terrible pain at the time and didn’t run for months. I transferred the pain I was in to disappointment in the time.

      After months of physical therapy I came back the next year and creamed the time by more than 2 minutes. I may never beat that 58 minute 10k but is was very sweet to be pain free an run so much faster last year.

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