Thoughts from the Road – #32511


The miles have been coming fairly easily lately but I pay for them later. My right knee swells after some long runs and my plantar fasciitis on my right foot has been a bother. This has me sitting around quite a bit with resting and icing. It doesn’t make me feel like doing much else.

I have a week and a couple days until my race in Harrisburg. Who knows what the weather will be like so I have been sucking it up and sticking to my schedule. It was windy and brisk on the rail trail but I thought, “It’s going to be windy on the river, DEAL with it.” It sleeted and snowed and rained all Wednesday and I thought, “It could be cold and wet for race day. DEAL with it.” It was over 70 degrees Monday evening when we took a nice run but the humidity made me start dripping sweat instantly. It makes me wonder what conditions would ever make me happy.

Wednesday I was dismayed to have lost my Green Tea Mint ChapStick. It was my favorite (lucky?) ChapStick that I have used before almost every run. I carry it during longer runs and rainy Wednesday was to be at least 8 miles. Because of the weather I was wearing my raincoat over my running clothes and I guess I didn’t have the pockets zipped properly. After an hour I went to apply it and it was gone. I was retracing the last 2 miles and kept an eye out for it but never saw it.

Overall it was an annoying run. My legs were stiff from the cold. My plantar fasciitis never warmed up and hurt pretty much the whole way. It drizzled the whole run. The most annoying thing was having to estimate my distance because my iTouch and Nike+ sensor stopped communicating after I had stopped to take a photo. I am very good at estimating my distance because my pace is never far off a 10 minute mile but it still made me uneasy.

The rest days this week have been so chilly and quite glum. Yesterday I stretched out between working on projects but was still gimping around by the end of the day. I was pretty much resigned to not run today. The temperature was predicted to start out in the teens and there was no way any of my aggravated body parts would warm up in that.

The sunny morning was very cheery today and the previous day of rest did my body good. I decided to stay on my scheduled regiment for race day and run 5 more miles this morning. The sun made it feel warmer than the 28° the thermometer showed but I think the breeze counteracted that. It felt close to freezing the whole run but the sunny sky stayed bright and my pace ended up under a 10mm after 6 miles.

The best part was just about .3 mile from home I found my ChapStick lying on the old dirt road that is just beyond the end of where we live. I know it had been rained on and spent 2 nights in the elements but I didn’t care. I am thrilled to have my ChapStick back and it makes me realize I better get a back up or two.

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